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When a "victim" becomes an abuser

You'd think shit will settle down after the case was dropped, but seems the shit is back floating yet again on the Dublin scene and someone who I will refer to as "the victim" is openly abusing it's so called "abuser" yet again because the case was dropped and you know when people don't get their way so it seems after a short break more shit keeps coming out of the wood works, just because.

We don't get everything we want in life shit happens that's inevitable some get it less others get it more, but sadly this is life and something we all have to deal with on various levels and ocasions in our lives.

I just got a word from a friend of mine whom I will refer to as "A" that he was asked politely not to turn up at a certain event that was held in Dublin recently and of course everything points at all the old drama and honestly I felt sooo upset and disappointed at people that I had to write this to hopefully show people where I COME FRO…

2017 Year of a giant cock!

I know the title of this entry is pretty dodge and lol worthy, but yeah while some are looking for hope and promises for 2017 to be better than 2016 for me this year is literary something I'm not looking  forward to since day one as it will be like a minefield in all ways possible and baby steps towards hopefully having a more tolerable 2018 I know I know the year has just begun and I'm already jumping ahead of myself,but seriously I've already plan of action set till August or so and I already want sleep and rest for myself yet day job is back starting tomorrow.

So whats happening or not happening this year:

* Last year was final year of Eirtakon so sadly it will not happen this year which is such a shame as I put 9 years into helping out at Eirtakon and my con family are missed dearly! Oh the fun we had!

*New job needs to happen as my main priority for this year if I want everything on the list to happen, as my boss is relocating and doesn't care about how inconvenie…