Summer 2016 Is my body ready for this?

Well it seems that time of the year again and yet another blog entry.
(I hate writing about boring pointless crap so you know hence the reason why I dont write so frequently on this blog ,but when I get some adventures on my ass its always shared in here)

 I'm more yay winter kind of person and still hoping I get to see the snow sometime soon, but I do love the way summer is full of events both here in the Republic and Northern Ireland  which makes Summer's more tolerating and interesting than that *eat, sleep, work repeat* shedules nonstop. So I gotta admit after having horribly stressful past few months in work my long weekend/ annual holidays aka Jays only summer holiday this year were well spent even tho I'm still sitting here a week later and haven't had a chance to catch up on rest or sleep! Maybe next weekend...

So what Have I being up to....

After months upon months of waiting I was finally able to attend the Invisible Empire Exhibition by Juha Arvid Helminen here in Ireland. It started on Thursday 16th June and was very much worth attending especially on the launch night!!! If you're currently in Ireland I do recommend you visit it while its on at the moment in Gallery X :

Still hard to believe he came with his exhibition to such a small island, but saying that  I was "hyped up all week in work" about it doesn't explain even a fraction of how much I was waiting for this exhibition and you know overall experience was really something memorable!

 It's one thing when you're hyped up to see work in larger format print that you always keep eyeballing on a computer monitor ,but completely another to actually be able to talk to the artist about his work and actually see it in real life here in front of you!

I guess its not common here artists not to sound pretentious about their own work and enjoy talking about it or maybe its just in my experience sometimes feels people can be on high horses with the artist title above their heads so was absolute pleasure to have little conversation with such talented and down to earth artist whose work I've being admiring for many years. I'm glad I was able to see his artwork growing bigger in the art scene and do hope he gets more exposure in the future on his future projects.

 *Still part of me goes squee over how incredible the exhibition was and I will definitely be looking to see mire new artwork to come in the future.*

As for the rest of the weekend I guess me being last minute cosplay maker doesn't help... I was up till 2am on Thursday sewing certain parts of my Sunday cosplay and Friday morning of the Q-con I was still ironing my pleats hahaha TYPICAL JAY LAST MINUTE WONDERS ,but in the end we somewhat made it to qcon later on that day after all!!!

Seriously I question why I'm cosplaying all the time till the convention weekends start but afterwards once weekend is over just feels like "wow that was one hell of a weekend!" Also its great to catch up with incredible Robert and Emma at our Q-Con judging because I don't get to see them for rest of the year! So really feels like Q-Con just like Eirtakon has become that family gathering you wait for every year :) hard to believe I've being in cosplay scene for almost 10 years soon EEEK!!! Getting ooold!!! But honestly great weekend was had at Q-Con judging, cosplaying, partying like a lunatic with my gang Saturday night at Club Q-Con and RPGing interesting game called Victoriana.

(Judging Cosplay events on Saturday!!!)

(Thank you to the awesome people at Q-Con for featuring me on their special guest list
its a great honor helping you guys out with the judging <3)

(The difference between us last year and this year judging the cosplay events)

Seriously feels there wasn't enough time in the day for everything and I do miss not having much time to hit traders hall this year for some loot, but I'll just have to try arrive earlier next year to cram more awesomeness on Friday night.

Overall good time was had and will be waiting for Eirtakon to come in November next as the final convention of this year! On a bright side I got all my cosplays done for the year so I can spend another 6 months cosplay stress free!


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