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Is it possible to make a Cosplay in a week with a full time job?

I guess not many people know that when Cosplay events happen especially in the Summer time here in Ireland few events tend to happen quiet close to each other like Experience Japan always happens near Japanese Film Festival times and Q-Con fell this year with Lighthouse Cinema Spirited Away screening with Ghibli fancy dress party only 6 days between two events.

If you got an arsenal of Cosplays done and dusted it's great as it means just pull them out of your wardrobe and BAM you're ready for the night, but if you've got to stick to specific theme or maybe got a short schedule its often a question of:

"Can I make something up on such a short notice and in time?"

So this is an entry of my own adventure of making a cosplay in roughly a week (6 days in my case) just to show that anyone can make a decent not so much *half arsed* cosplay in a week!!

So what comes first in these sort of situation?

1. Take your current time and funding availability and be reasonable on w…

Summer 2016 Is my body ready for this?

Well it seems that time of the year again and yet another blog entry.
(I hate writing about boring pointless crap so you know hence the reason why I dont write so frequently on this blog ,but when I get some adventures on my ass its always shared in here)

 I'm more yay winter kind of person and still hoping I get to see the snow sometime soon, but I do love the way summer is full of events both here in the Republic and Northern Ireland  which makes Summer's more tolerating and interesting than that *eat, sleep, work repeat* shedules nonstop. So I gotta admit after having horribly stressful past few months in work my long weekend/ annual holidays aka Jays only summer holiday this year were well spent even tho I'm still sitting here a week later and haven't had a chance to catch up on rest or sleep! Maybe next weekend...

So what Have I being up to....

After months upon months of waiting I was finally able to attend the Invisible Empire Exhibition by Juha Arvid Helminen h…