April Shenanigans

It's hard to believe it's "that time of the year again", but only today after 3 weeks of crazyness I was able to sit down at my desk to write about it as I literary had no day off whatsoever with all the day job, sewing, preparations for events costume work for future photo shoots etc... so tought I'd share the shenanigans with you guys as I know I'm pretty behind on posting stuff on my dA that was needed to be posted for quiet a long time which I will hopefully get onto later on today too if I got enough time so yeah prepare your bodies for the pretty loong blog update.

So the start of it all probably could be explained as "gang getting together reunion" after a long time and few reschedules we had a whole gang together in Ireland for one more party and tea filled weekend. Honestly I do miss everyone we used to have such a blast back in Dominion days <3

Left to right: (some really photogenic photobomber in the back of the picture)Constance, Sophie, Jesu and Moi

Seriously partying with these guys once a year is more awesome than anything you can ever imagine they're all an incredible and amusing bunch of people. Me and Sophie alone I don't know how much food and tea was consumed that weekend especially with Sophies 3 breakfasts on Saturday morning, girl has a black hole for a stomach!!! Really do miss the gang and we really got to make *reunion* partying together a frequent thing and come and visit each other when we can!

So as for last weeks cosplay related shenanigans about two week ago I got an invitation to the opening of Japanese Film Festival (http://jff.ie/) here in Dublin last Wednesday 13th of April in the Lighthouse Cinema D7 (http://www.lighthousecinema.ie/) which is held every year by Japanese Embassy and access > CINEMA with support from Ireland Japan Association and the Japan Foundation (big thanks to Amy King forwarding my details to the organisers).

Overall it was a really sweet event and I'm glad I didn't miss it this year! It started off with Dublin Kendo demonstration which I cant tell you much about as I don't know the martial arts personally, but it looked great and very uniformed I guess I can only admire those people who can hold the sword right and put many years into practice into actions,but seriously he team knew what they were doing and you can feel the force that was behind each sword by the noises it was making.If I had one word to describe the event it would have being "intense" seriously well done to everyone at the demonstration. The weather was iffy for the day, but thankfully it was still kind to us as kind as Irish rain season can be I guess,but the rest of the event was moved after the demonstration indoors into the Lighthouse cinema itself.

I do love the way it's held in Lighthouse every year as it's one of the smaller, but cozier and well looked after venues which makes every night a great night my only complaint would be that I myself don't go there as often on my off days as I would love to as truly it's a Dublin city's little gem for anyone who pops by even if its just for a cup of coffee. The catering company Neil Shirt Catering (http://www.neilshirtcatering.ie/) did a great job at the appetizers for the premiere not only were they tasty they also looked like little masterpieces!!!My inner foodie was very happy with it. Overall the event was great many good memories from it meeting new people and fellow cosplayers from Ireland it's always a great night out and all the organisers did a fantastic job to make this event happen every year which many of us are really greateful to them about as around this time of the year I make a "to watch list" as the selection of the movies and animes for each year is high class and really well tailored for our Irish audience.

Movies I would definitelly recommend that were at this years festival:

Assasination classroom:

It is definitelly worth a watch especially since we should have part 2 out this year *EEEK!!!!*


Speaking of some cosplayer fun here are some of the shenanigans we got up to on the night us being "us" one thing that I think everybody would agree with me on the joys of being a Cosplayer in Ireland is how strong the scene is and the amazing fun and crazy friendships that it brings to everyone. I really cannot wait to see everyone in Q-Con in June only few more months to go!!!!

You know you think that would be the end of the crazy shenanigans ,but NUUUUU you will be absolutely wrong felt like this was just the beginning of the "Brace yourself! its that time of the year again!!" On Sunday me and Stephen Fox who used to be a director for Nom-Con anime and manga convention were asked to help out last moment at the Experience Japan Festival in Farmleigh House in Phoenix Park (http://experiencejapan.ie/) with a Cosplay Showcast and a shoot. Of course I did have to say yes as I was planning to go to it this year no matter what and honestly I couldn't believe my eyes the turn out this year and the incredibly warm weather we were having. Usually there is always the debate to cosplay or not to cosplay due to the weather usually around this time of the year we always expect it to be cold and miserable out,but this year seriously we were really lucky with it being both sunny and warm which always makes of course more people come out and the place was literary *packed!* also Ren Noire whom I have met only on Wednesday got in contact with me to arrange that we both wear maids outfits :) Seriously matching cosplay outfits who can say no to that?
Overall I didn't get to see much of the event sadly as all cosplayers hung out together after the shoot and the event finished pretty early too ,but overall a great day was had and everybody enjoyed the day and were amazed with how it went.

(Photo by Christine O'Daly THE OUTDOOR STUDIO http://www.outdoorstudio.ie/)

So overall a very big thank you to Lighthouse Cinema, Access > CINEMA and to every one including the volunteers and staff at Experience Japan Festival. Thank you all kindly for making this Spring happen and all the hard work you put in to create a diversity in Ireland to sink ourselves into the wonders that is Japanese culture!


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