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April Shenanigans

It's hard to believe it's "that time of the year again", but only today after 3 weeks of crazyness I was able to sit down at my desk to write about it as I literary had no day off whatsoever with all the day job, sewing, preparations for events costume work for future photo shoots etc... so tought I'd share the shenanigans with you guys as I know I'm pretty behind on posting stuff on my dA that was needed to be posted for quiet a long time which I will hopefully get onto later on today too if I got enough time so yeah prepare your bodies for the pretty loong blog update.

So the start of it all probably could be explained as "gang getting together reunion" after a long time and few reschedules we had a whole gang together in Ireland for one more party and tea filled weekend. Honestly I do miss everyone we used to have such a blast back in Dominion days <3

Left to right: (some really photogenic photobomber in the back of the picture)Constance, Soph…