Cant believe the year is almost over!!

Hellooo everyone!!!

Sorry it took soo bloody long to write back,but not going to lie I'm still looking for a time to just relax as seems like any time off work I either spent procrastinating in hope of rest or just being feeling sorry for myself being tired after my day job....

So I finally kinda got my shit together to write another entry as I always do them around this time of the year and got to commit to write one as I always do. So no more slacking off.

So how did Eirtakon go this year.....

INCREDIBLE!!! Cannot believe over the entire weekend we had in around 4,100 people completely jaw dropingly mind blown and still going WOW!!!Overall all events went smoothly too which was a big *phew!* as knowing me I always panic until the day the convention is over in case something may go wrong and honestly I felt pretty happy answering my e-mails a week before seeing how many of my lovely maids and butlers were coming back this year again seriously I guess I get mostly hyped up about Eirtakon from the socialising side of things and catching out with those awesome people I love to death and in some cases see just once a year do have to admit tho this year was not the same with having Amy King around as we all are really fond of her and how much she actually has done for the scene in the past few years,but am truly glad to know her dream to go to japan came true and she is truly happy in there.

So I'm attaching few of the shots from the local social media of how awesome Eirtakon was this year for those who don't do facebook like me or are just curious bugs.

This year we had a whole new arsenal of judges which have not judged at Eirtakon before for the Cosplay events,but I got to admit they are an incredible bunch and really great people outside of the cosplay scene. Our special Cosplay guest this year was Nipah from US and personally it was an absolute pleasure having him over in Ireland as our guest as it is a long journey to travel and he really is an incredible person to work with. Our wonderful ladies this year were someone who are really well known locally. 

Ana  is a pro cosplayer from Dublin who has won last years Euro Cosplay competition so we invited her over to judge this year as she has run many cosplay workshops throughout the year as has being a big influence of worbla making armour and props in the Irish cosplay scene and is always there for to help out everyone she truly is a fairy godmother of the cosplay scene in Ireland and we are always delighted to have someone with such incredible knowledge of the Cosplay in Ireland judging the next years Euro Cosplays winner who in a way is taking over their title to represent us the following year.

Our third wonderfull judge this year was Emma Babington she runs cosplay events in our neighbouring event Akumakon in Galways. If you guys are ever passing by Akumakon seriously do drop by I've never being there ,but plan to visit it in January if I get my accomodation booked well in advance and afford it as it will be a long journey from Dublin and will make a hole in my savings,but honestly anyone that I know that went to the convention from the non biased people always got brilliant things to say about the con and personally I do hope it grow bigger in the future as it seems like its definitely worth a visit plus got to admit I do have a soft spot for Galway city too!!!!

Seriously do miss everybody and do hope I get to see more people out at Akumacon next year and perhaps even Q-Con as I may be making it to Q-Con again this summer as I had such a blast at it this year!! 

Also speaking on Eirtakon:

GUESS WHO!!!! Seriously want to say a huuuge thank you to ALL of my maids and butlers for making our maids Cafe run so smoothly as every other year, without you guys we wouldn't be able to make it happen and really am glad beyond explanation that some of my wonderful maids and butlers come back each year for more help. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

Overall apart from all the crazy shenanigans that probably will be found online under a search word Eirtakon 2015 I was absolutely delighted to catch up with my wonderfull friends from college Tom and Cat, guys I miss you dearly and am soo glad we still meet up at Eirtakon once a year to catch up on everything!!

So overall seems like I will be definitely looking forward to conventions next year as Ireland is soo boring seems like its the only things I'm really looking forward to in a year. I know sounds pathetic ,but I always see this particular time of the year rather depressing ITS LIKE OVER A MONTH UNTILL XMAS.... MEDIA STOP GIVING US TWO MONTS HEADS UP WE ARENT THICK JUST JUST HAATE XMASS!!! Honestly cannot be arsed with Christmass this year or any other year as I got to be off work for 12 days staring at the ceiling more less so hopefully will spend the time planning my next cosplays and making things as I will need to make new cosplay for next years conventions and hopefully also get something new done up for Akumakon as I really am hoping everything plans out well for me and I can make it so overall the end of the year will be used up as hybernation period and working on planning new projects for both modeling and cosplay!!!

*Special thank you to Darko Photogrpahy for taking awesome photos over the weekend and do hope we get to see you next year at the convention:


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