Almost that time of the year!

Seems like its almost time of the year its almost over only few months to go and roll on 2016 ,but before then there is Eirtakon!!!!

Last Friday me and few super awesome cospayers were out for a photocall in Croke Park for it and whooop!!!! Awesome Photos from it:

Photographer: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland 

Wonderfull Cosplayers In the photos: Laura Mac Neill as Ms Marvel, Graham Lennon as Jack Skellington Lauren Murphy as Blackwidow and my really incredible friend for who knows how many years Michael Abrahamson also knows as Mr. Baloonatic

Really had an incredible time with everybody and am glad to have met such amazing cosplayers and cannot wait to see them at Eirtakon!!

(Click on the photos to vie bigger image)

As for another incredible awesome news!!! One of my super awesome friends Mick Roe is working currently on a really interesting project with a high potential to grow bigger in the future shooting some short horror movies. Do check out their first movie and also make sure you like and subscribe and re-share their work because the crew is incredibly talanted and really outdone themselves for the first movie that I personally myself cannot wait to see their next short!


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