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End of Summer post

heroooo everyone!

so the summer is finally over *WINTER IS COMING!* YAAAY!!!!

Honestly I'm not big fan of the summer due to the heat that we are having here... It wasn't as bad as usually but still the heat is horrible!

So some latest updates!

*The blog has being tweaked around so the *about page* and *portfolio page* are finally fully functional. I know I barely ever get time to do all this shiny stuff these days so it ends up being quiet a while before any updates get done or I feel bored and sick enough to just die in bed messing around with html and updating everything,but yay tis finally done!

*As some of you know I'm off facebook because someone who I actually have a very high suspicions of who exactly it is "reported me for not using my real name on fb" and I suspect over a personal hissy fit oh well.... facebook be facebook the way I see it is as MR. Robot says:

"Is any of it real? I mean, look at this. Look at it! A world built on fantasy! Synth…