Summer is when all the fun starts

Hello everyone I know I have not being writing or anywhere online lately, but yeah having no life has happened....

I've being uber busy with just being in work and catching up on sleep, remodification of my work area so I have more space for sewing costumes and cosplay stuff and few other projects this year as my last table was uber tiny and barely could fit sewing machine on it and while building most recent cosplay it was a bit all over compromise due to small space and lots of material going through. THANK YOU IKEA FOR CHEAP BUT CHEERFULL DESKS you are a lifesaver my dear for someone on a small budget.

Also in near future should be doing some sewing to sell off on ebay too as I'm trying to save some money for all my medical expenses as they will eat through all my savings in next few months and I need some savings just incase of emergency (as my job wont let me do overtime)one can never be too carefull or prepared for the worst case scenario especially next month when I find out if my body has completely given up on me or the damage can be fixable and I have a suspicion my prescription will be changed again and those 2 years that was suposed to be estimate to get all my shit sorted out will turn into yet another 2 years untill they find drugs that aren't slowly killing me one way or another. Seriously feel like Irish medical system should take responsability if they put you on drugs that can fuck you up for life because its not like they got to put up with it for life or completely change everything about your lifestyle to accomodate your body from completely flopping on you.

So in short I'll be working my ass off like a gerbil to try and save up for all my medical expenses, but if once again they tell me shits unfixable Im just considering taking sink or swim approach on life Im not going on more meds if I flop I flop in style! Plus they do say artists die young so maybe then I can get high value in my artwork *_* one can only dream

,but apart from all the shit I have to put up with like sitting duck next few months should be fun. Im working my ass off ,but having weekends off has its perks! On 19th to 22nd of June I was invited by lovely Q-Con staff to help them with some judging of Cosplay competitions. Was absolutely hyped up about it as I was meaning to go to Q-Con now got more reason to go to and have a blast at it!

I missed Q-Con last year due to lack of funds and time, but this year got my holidays booked for it got my new camera too so it will be a blast and I'm coming up with some awesome people and am going to catch up with my amazing belfast gang that I miss dearly as I go out almost never these days and even rarer go up North. So its like waiting for that family reunion and also means I get to meet few amazing cosplayers and help out a little at the con which sounds like a lot of work, but it is fun in its own way.This will also be Amy Kings last convention in ireland as she is going to Japan for a whole year. Im really delighted for her and am a bit jelly she is going to spend a year in Japan so it really will be that special convention this year for me so really cannot wait and will make the best out of it!

(Some Sneak preview of my Cosplay for Q-Con *Naomi Armitage!*)

Apart from that Im also attending Arcade con this year (3rd - 5th of July ) and will be working on few cosplays and few cosplay photoshoots done here and there. My arch nemesis being on my ass about doing more artsy stuff as I've being floppy so gotta keep dem elven bitches happy :) or I wont hear the end of it. So if all goes as planned by Eirtakon I should have few cosplays done that I can choose to wear for the con *_* really am having big cosplay buzz this year even tho it sucks the sleeping hours out of me here and there but hey it's always fun!!!!

Apart from this my year will be rather quiet not much happening in Ireland so will probably post more stuff modeling and cosplay related than anything else and keep the blop pretty short and sweet due to lack of exciting things this year. Hopefully there will be more happening next year,but I wont know tilll next year rolls on so yeah.....


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