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Summer is when all the fun starts

Hello everyone I know I have not being writing or anywhere online lately, but yeah having no life has happened....
I've being uber busy with just being in work and catching up on sleep, remodification of my work area so I have more space for sewing costumes and cosplay stuff and few other projects this year as my last table was uber tiny and barely could fit sewing machine on it and while building most recent cosplay it was a bit all over compromise due to small space and lots of material going through. THANK YOU IKEA FOR CHEAP BUT CHEERFULL DESKS you are a lifesaver my dear for someone on a small budget.
Also in near future should be doing some sewing to sell off on ebay too as I'm trying to save some money for all my medical expenses as they will eat through all my savings in next few months and I need some savings just incase of emergency (as my job wont let me do overtime)one can never be too carefull or prepared for the worst case scenario especially next month when I …