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Just a bit of a media whore!

So seems like this year I was spotted on local *media* thanks to the involvement with Eirtakon

So tought Id share it with you guys:


On Monday 19th of October some of the shots we have taken in Croke Park for Eirtakon have being featured in Irish Examiner Page 4 sounds pathetic,but really was HOLY SHIT worthy. Overall it was an incredible day off work and out with some of the Irelands lovely cosplayers :)


Number 5 head to the convention is an Image taken last year at Eirtakon :) woo soo glad to see Eirtakon getting media exposure and the scene growing soo much in the past few years its really is something :)

Cant believe the year is almost over!!

Hellooo everyone!!!
Sorry it took soo bloody long to write back,but not going to lie I'm still looking for a time to just relax as seems like any time off work I either spent procrastinating in hope of rest or just being feeling sorry for myself being tired after my day job....
So I finally kinda got my shit together to write another entry as I always do them around this time of the year and got to commit to write one as I always do. So no more slacking off.
So how did Eirtakon go this year.....
INCREDIBLE!!! Cannot believe over the entire weekend we had in around 4,100 people completely jaw dropingly mind blown and still going WOW!!!Overall all events went smoothly too which was a big *phew!* as knowing me I always panic until the day the convention is over in case something may go wrong and honestly I felt pretty happy answering my e-mails a week before seeing how many of my lovely maids and butlers were coming back this year again seriously I guess I get mostly hyped up about Eirta…

Almost that time of the year!

Seems like its almost time of the year its almost over only few months to go and roll on 2016 ,but before then there is Eirtakon!!!!
Last Friday me and few super awesome cospayers were out for a photocall in Croke Park for it and whooop!!!! Awesome Photos from it:

Photographer: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland
Wonderfull Cosplayers In the photos: Laura Mac Neill as Ms Marvel, Graham Lennon as Jack Skellington Lauren Murphy as Blackwidow and my really incredible friend for who knows how many years Michael Abrahamson also knows as Mr. Baloonatic

Really had an incredible time with everybody and am glad to have met such amazing cosplayers and cannot wait to see them at Eirtakon!!

(Click on the photos to vie bigger image)

As for another incredible awesome news!!! One of my super awesome friends Mick Roe is working currently on a really interesting project with a high potential to grow bigger in the future shooting some short horror movies. Do check out…

End of Summer post

heroooo everyone!

so the summer is finally over *WINTER IS COMING!* YAAAY!!!!

Honestly I'm not big fan of the summer due to the heat that we are having here... It wasn't as bad as usually but still the heat is horrible!

So some latest updates!

*The blog has being tweaked around so the *about page* and *portfolio page* are finally fully functional. I know I barely ever get time to do all this shiny stuff these days so it ends up being quiet a while before any updates get done or I feel bored and sick enough to just die in bed messing around with html and updating everything,but yay tis finally done!

*As some of you know I'm off facebook because someone who I actually have a very high suspicions of who exactly it is "reported me for not using my real name on fb" and I suspect over a personal hissy fit oh well.... facebook be facebook the way I see it is as MR. Robot says:

"Is any of it real? I mean, look at this. Look at it! A world built on fantasy! Synth…

Summer is when all the fun starts

Hello everyone I know I have not being writing or anywhere online lately, but yeah having no life has happened....
I've being uber busy with just being in work and catching up on sleep, remodification of my work area so I have more space for sewing costumes and cosplay stuff and few other projects this year as my last table was uber tiny and barely could fit sewing machine on it and while building most recent cosplay it was a bit all over compromise due to small space and lots of material going through. THANK YOU IKEA FOR CHEAP BUT CHEERFULL DESKS you are a lifesaver my dear for someone on a small budget.
Also in near future should be doing some sewing to sell off on ebay too as I'm trying to save some money for all my medical expenses as they will eat through all my savings in next few months and I need some savings just incase of emergency (as my job wont let me do overtime)one can never be too carefull or prepared for the worst case scenario especially next month when I …