Eirtakon 2014 10 year anniversary

I guess one of the highlights of this not too exciting year was that once again I helped out at Eirtakon as Cosplay Coordinator and this year was also super special as it was 10th year anniversary, got to admit for the month or two beforehand I was freaking out like nobody's business as i had to pull together last minute cosplay as I was swamped with work,was freaking out as I'm still perfecting everything for the con so it runs much smoother every single year until it hits that perfect stage where we can do as much to satisfy all our attendees as we can.In reality we wont be able to satisfy everyone 100%,but we do try and work our asses off to try get as close to that 100 mark as possible.

Got to admit I'm really grateful to my buddy Kyle for being a superbly bad influence and feeding my brain with ideas.The guy knows how to give you subliminal ideas and make shit work so within 3 weeks with few last moment adjustments and not testing the cosplay out until THE DAY and getting new boots that Thursday somehow I managed to run the events and not flop on my face infront of few hundred people and make sure people were happy by the end of the con.We also got some prerry amazing media coverage this year too and couple of mentions here and there soon after.Which we all were delighted with as it means we are doing something right!

Big moment of squee when one of the entrants to Euro Cosplay this year got noticed by Bungie! All of the contestants this year were as always AMAZING and super frinedly! I think that's what I really love and enjoy about Irish Cosplay Scene its one big family that sticks together and cons are here to make people enjoy their weekends of Cosplay throughout the year and help each other out.Its a lot of work,but amazing experience to be part of such a big team of the Irish Cosplay scene and see it growing soo rapidly in the past few years.You never know what to expect following year :) 

Special big THANK YOU to the Arcade crowd for mentioning us on their site you guys rock!

Also we got a video in Irish Times *very happy bunny* its nice to see Irish media acknowledging that Cosplay and Anime scene in general is growing and even tho it was a bit of a culture shock to their videographer what all this is about  its nice to see open minded people still existing in our media.

One of the biggest highlights every year for me is to catch up with people who I see only once or twice  year.Tom (pictured with his girlfriend in the photo),my super awesome buddy Cat and I went to college together donkeys of years ago and since then they were involved in Eirtakon as volunteers and we just see Eirtakon now like an annual gathering and catching up time.Seriously em soo glad we have an event at which we all can meet up even if its just once a year and just go crazy finding out how everyone is doing and catch up on the gossip!


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