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So long 2014 you wont be missed much!

So just like every other year I try to finalize a year with an entry in this blog to sum down the year and expectations for next year kinda.....

I guess I feel this year was pretty shit overall with only few minor good things happenig and overall I hit pretty big rock bottom that I haven't felt in quiet a good few years, but there were few good reasons for it I suppose and we got to take the bad with the good in this life.

* This year few of very important individuals in my life have died and especially it was super shit when Silver had to be put down a day before my birthday. I really hate my birthday as it is and spending it on your own and grieving your companions death it really took its toll on me to be honest and I still really miss her even the festivities aren't really felt that much because shes not there to be her mischevious self. Genuinely this year I had to say far too many goodbyes and everybody is really missed! RIP you guys you will never be forgotten!

Eirtakon 2014 10 year anniversary

I guess one of the highlights of this not too exciting year was that once again I helped out at Eirtakon as Cosplay Coordinator and this year was also super special as it was 10th year anniversary, got to admit for the month or two beforehand I was freaking out like nobody's business as i had to pull together last minute cosplay as I was swamped with work,was freaking out as I'm still perfecting everything for the con so it runs much smoother every single year until it hits that perfect stage where we can do as much to satisfy all our attendees as we can.In reality we wont be able to satisfy everyone 100%,but we do try and work our asses off to try get as close to that 100 mark as possible.
Got to admit I'm really grateful to my buddy Kyle for being a superbly bad influence and feeding my brain with ideas.The guy knows how to give you subliminal ideas and make shit work so within 3 weeks with few last moment adjustments and not testing the cosplay out until THE DAY and ge…

Site maintenance to get it ready for 2015

Just in case people are going wtf is going on to this website why some links dont work and others go berzers... and why everything looks soo different all of a sudden.I'm working at the moment to make this blogger website be my little hub in a way to connect all my accounts together so it will make my life easier to edit everything and hopefully next yeah be more *online active* as this year has being a tiiny bit all over with the new job and I didnt have much time to update this or to share what new projects are happening next year :)

So stay tuned hopefully we should be back on track by the time January hits :)