Special Guest at Arcade Con 2014

Taryn Barker Cast and Crew had an honor to be invited to be guests at Arcadecon 2014 in Dublin this year which is happening next weekend at Ballsbridge Hotel! We will be holding one hour long QnA panel on Saturday day time which will also include some Arcadecon exclusive sneak preview of our upcoming movie as the guys were soo awesome to invite us over.Also if it is done in time *fingers crossed* we will be releasing the first issue of Taryn Barker comic at arcade con too!! So if you are around that weekend do drop by to Arcadecon and say hi!

(The guys were soo amazing they even included us on the poster <3 )

 Just a quick teaser of the upcoming Taryn Barker comic book series here is the first cover design we have so far hope you guys like it!


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