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Bye Bye 2013

Its that time of the year again... no not Xmass... more like the time when I spend few days of peace and quiet in Tallagh with few cups of coffee one after another , pasta , chilaxing music and stuck into sketchpad for hours in my jammies untill the morning comes and my body finally crashes asleep and I tougth it is about time I actually recall what was this year like for me because it was a bit all over the place , life changing in some ways life shattering in others and I had high hopes for this year at the end of last year and personally it came true 50/50

Personally have to admit 2013 was not the most exciting or amazing year apart for the last 3 months of it which felt like it was the only time when things started to look like there was something finally shaping up.I had to go through a lot of deaths of friends,pets and some friends families and personally I know for a fact next few years will be just as bad because it seems like that part of our lives when we are at that age wh…