Summer 2013

I know I haven't written in quiet a long time I usually don't if I don't have much to write about as my life is not always as exciting as I would like it to be and I don't go out much on various adventures due to the funding either and lack of entertainment in the republic of Ireland ,but I tought it has being far too long and there were good few things that have happened in my life this year that are worth sharing and besides this year seems to be the first year in almost 5 years that makes me feel like life is finally picking up the broken pieces and slowly but surely getting better without there being some catch that makes you crash really badly even lower than you have being before. So here is what I have being up to in last 6 months or so.


Usually I have done my artwork for dA viewing only when its finished,but now I have got my ass around to make an official facebook page so here is a link to it if you are interested its not much due to a hectic schedule ,but I hope to do more work on it soon enough once I have some free time.

Also I'm very proud of myself I have finished writing my dark fairytale book but Will is *proofreading it at the moment and taking his bloody time so it wont be until  maybe end of the year if I'm lucky enough that he finished proofreading it,but while he is at it I have almost written a script for a graphic novel that I'm considering getting done whenever I get some more free time and my another friend has volunteer to proofread it for me so hopefully by the end of this year at least one of my book projects will be done.Also here are some artworks that are going into the dark fairytale book.


This year has also being exceptional for making new friends who maybe perhaps in years to come will become my best friend and yes I mean you guys Sophie,Lucy and Martin.Sophie was over for half a year working as au pair in Ireland and learning English and she is back home in Switzerland as she is going to be going to college in September.I was delighted to hear that she got into the college she wanted but she is greatly missed and hopefully will come and visit us from time to time.

As for Lucy and Martin they come from Argentina and are the most sweetest people I have ever met in my entire life.Martin is a born to be chef and now only last week he finally was able to get a job in Dublin and Lucy is considering doing Animation in Ballyfermoth the college that I went to few years ago and she is preparing for her interview.They came to Ireland few months ago,but have already settled in and have explored the wonders of Dublin that we seem to take for granted and of course they have also fell in love with asian market and its beautifull instant noodle collection.In this really short time we have really become really amazing friends and spend times together inviting each other for dinner.I guess food brings people closer together and it is always amazing to try out new delicious cuisine.

(Me ,Will,Lucy,Sophie and Sophie's friend whose name sadly I forgot )

ALSO SPEAKING OF WHICH I was finally able to attend my very first Experience Japan this year it was the first time I met Lucy and Martin in real life too and it was really awesome,but it was such a shame the weather was really cold this year so we felt like icicles even fully wrapped up,but my super awesome llama gloves have kept my fingers all nice and cozy.


The bad part of this year was that both of my hamsters have passed away within a month of each other which was a really downward time of this year we have burried them tho and are working on making a beautiful garden around them where both of them are burried as the back yard that has being covered in weeds all year round has now got more of a sentimental value to us and we want our hamsters to lay in hamster luxury,but on April 20th we have picked up a little 8 year old Syrian hamster from our favorite pet store Shauna's Pet Store in Dublin (which has to be the best pet store for looking after their animals and their customers) and he did cheer me up and in no time we have become the bestest of buddies.He missed his brothers when we first got him but in few weeks time he learned that we weren't here to eat him and that we will spoil him with nice treatsies so he has become really affectionate little pet yet he is a fairly lazy hamster during the daytime and prefers to go gardening with me in his hamster ball than spend his days out in his hamster cage.

(baby Stefanos first day at home)


I cannot tell you much about Taryn Barker Project,but what I can tell you is we got some pretty bad ass new crew members who are AMAZING!!!And each one of them shines out like a shining star on the set and it feels more like a family now than anything and it seems like everybody gets along which is pretty hard to do on such a big project and we are like a little korean family which is having a strong bond and helps out each other to make sure everybody is happy and we can do the best we can on the project.
     We have so far 1/3 of the movie shot and are trying to get money together to shoot the rest hopefully in early next year if not even sooner,but its all depending on everybody's availability and funding as we got rejected by the Irish Film Board to give us funding from what I heard and all the money we spent so far was from few people donating money to us via kickstarter ,indiegogo and such and the other lump came out of our directors Zoe Kavanaghs pocket who works full time in a little cinema here in Ireland and saves every penny to make this project reality and the next big thing in Ireland because there is a scene for alternative style movies rather than dramas based around pregnant teenagers and gangsters,but its just like in big industry nobody seems to like to take the risks and try something new unless they're 100% sure it will make them money back and even make a profit so we just got to finish this project and see where it will land us.

(Some stills behind the scenes of what we shot few months ago)


Freak Picnic this year was the last day Sophie spent in Ireland so it was super special for all of us to get together and spend some time eating chocolate and socializing.Thanks to Lucy and Martin we also had a yummy breakfast in theirs before the freak picnic and got dressed up all nice  for it so it was super special this year and with a lot of memories that we shall cherish forever.Personally I cannot wait for this Saturday as Sophie will be back for a visit and we are just dieing to see her as it will be the last time we see her before she starts college.


Last week I was actually able to head to Belfast for a weekend which was a pretty long time since I have ebing in Belfast last  and Lucy and Martin tagged along with me to Q-Con which is Game Convention that happens annually in Belfast.I havent being to it in few years time and didnt want to miss an opportunity this year when I was able to as I dont know what I will be up to next year and its being years since I have being to it.Also its always nice to catch up with old friends that I don't see that often and as Martin and Lucy were never in Belfast they also felt interested in seeing the city so overall it was one hell of a crazy weekend thanks to our friend Silvian who showed us around and accommodated us for a weekend and I can tell you I already have Belfast blues and cannot wait to be back there,but sadly it wont be any time soon as I have quiet a few things planned for next few months.


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