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Bye Bye 2013

Its that time of the year again... no not Xmass... more like the time when I spend few days of peace and quiet in Tallagh with few cups of coffee one after another , pasta , chilaxing music and stuck into sketchpad for hours in my jammies untill the morning comes and my body finally crashes asleep and I tougth it is about time I actually recall what was this year like for me because it was a bit all over the place , life changing in some ways life shattering in others and I had high hopes for this year at the end of last year and personally it came true 50/50

Personally have to admit 2013 was not the most exciting or amazing year apart for the last 3 months of it which felt like it was the only time when things started to look like there was something finally shaping up.I had to go through a lot of deaths of friends,pets and some friends families and personally I know for a fact next few years will be just as bad because it seems like that part of our lives when we are at that age wh…

Summer 2013

I know I haven't written in quiet a long time I usually don't if I don't have much to write about as my life is not always as exciting as I would like it to be and I don't go out much on various adventures due to the funding either and lack of entertainment in the republic of Ireland ,but I tought it has being far too long and there were good few things that have happened in my life this year that are worth sharing and besides this year seems to be the first year in almost 5 years that makes me feel like life is finally picking up the broken pieces and slowly but surely getting better without there being some catch that makes you crash really badly even lower than you have being before. So here is what I have being up to in last 6 months or so.

Usually I have done my artwork for dA viewing only when its finished,but now I have got my ass around to make an official facebook page so here is a link to it if you are interested its not much due to a hectic sc…

My Vivienne/Nana replica tiny collection

This entry is being done because Dress Preppy
has requested it so here it is and sorry for such a late reply I have being a wee bit busy recently.

P.S. Sorry for bad pictures I'm not that great at taking pictures of shiny things with bad cameras

1. Shin's Lighter it was my very first buy because I think its very obvious that everybody got to have one of these in their collection.Also when you get it you get it in this big Nana themed box which I am still madly in love with and it holds my little treasures now. Lighter is actually working,but it took us a good while to figure out how to fill it up with lighter fluid and to this day we are  only halfway sure about it (The friends of mine that smoke use the disposable lighters so not many of them can refill these kinds of lighters) ,but youtube was somewhat handy for that there is a video on how to refill it :

(Than you for making non smokers life soo much easier)
You know for a …