Probably last 2012 Update

I was just thinking its coming to X-Mass and all so this might be my last update for this year and soo many things have happened so I should share some of the exciting madness that has being going on recently.

First of all about a month ago we had Eirtakon on and this year it was just superbly amazing and I got to admit I love my job :P It went really well and nothing bad has happened so yay it was sucessfull once again and I really cant wait un till next year as I wont be able to go to any other cons during the next year I dont think due to moneyz.....

Cosplay Irelands Official Photographer Stephen even took awesome photos of us on the weekend which I was really happy with as it was my first year dressing up lolita for the con and I had shaky knees and was just saying to my self for the entire con *don't fall on your face please don't fall on your face!!!!* 

And I also survived gangnam style in heels *proud bragging momento of the year!*


Eirtakon is really special for me because there are few people like Shinji, Helen and this year Rob whom I only see like once in a year so for me personally it is also time to catch up with my closest of friends plus it doesn't help out that I'm a house hermit at the moment trying to get over all my projects as soon as possible.
This year Cat also stayed in Wills house for Eirtakon weekend so I also was able to Catch up a little bit with Cat as she lives in Sligo and might be going to Scotland hopefully next year to finish her education in Illustration so I might not see her for quiet a while.

Apart from that Cosplay Ireland might be featured in Cosplay Nation Documentary sometime soon so wooo really hope it goes well.We had to do a video interview where Amy,Fiona and I would answer few questions and Amy asked me to join in as Im helping out with make-up for Cosplay Ireland photoshoots and so I tought it would be fun and joined in and in the end I helped out at editing the video just waiting at the moment for it to pop onto the drop box 1GB of data transfer seems to be taking forever to get popped online,but once its done Im geting approval of Amy and Fiona and then Amy is sending it off to Cosplay Nation :) 

Apart from that I think Cosplay Ireland has came a long way this year being featured in rte lip-dub,couple of articles online and  having few really awesome shoots in the studio and outside in really scenic environment I really can see it getting bigger slowly,but surely so I'm gladly looking forward to what 2013 will bring for Irish cosplay.Also after new years Stephen is even considering renting out a bigger studio so there hopefully will be more space for people to get changed get their make-up done etc. and I'm really excited about it.We have done an x-massy shoot last Sunday and I was busy helping out with make-up for the most of the day,but the problem was we were piled up on top of each other and tried to circulate in the changing rooms between some getting their make up done others getting changed etc..,but it is always a great laugh and Amy and Fiona are amazing at keeping it friendly and professional so at the end of the day everybody has a great laugh.

This is a photo that Stephen took of the very first Cosplay Ireland Studio shoot so you can see we have girls and boys in here and next year *fingers crossed* Cosplay Ireland is having their official website up and running hopefully and an art exhibition to show cast Ireland's cosplayers so this is something I'm really looking forward to next year.

 At the moment tho you can view more Cosplay Ireland shots on facebook at: 

And also support Cosplay Irleand by liking their facebook page: 

Apart from this the less exciting thing that made me a happy bunny happened few weeks ago.Wills cousin got a new African Congo Grey parrot and I had to help out Will look after it for the few days which she was on holidays with kids because according to his tests he has beak and feather disease which for a bird that's still a baby could be lethal and to a certain extends its like AIDs in humans anything like a simple cold if he was to get one would kill him and he needed someone there for him for in around 15 hours a day just making sure he poops well,eats well,gets his medication and doesnt hit depression because if he gets low his immune system could drop all time low and literary anything could kill him.That week I learned birds could be really crazy maintenance,but considering it was only for half a week I didnt really mind helping out with looking after him we even tought him how to whistle and say *Echo* and *Hello* for a bird his age he really is ridiculously smart and hopefully in 2ish weeks time his results come back with him being clear of beak and feather disease as he apparantly had it for over a month now and still shows no sigh of being unwell or unhappy.

This is me with Echo on my shoulder I truly felt like a bunny pirate.I had to spend few days in my bunny onesie for a reason that he found it soo soft and comfy that he would not poop on it at all so I was safe from bird poop I did try to play R2D2 sounds to him just to see would he copy them ,but hed just give me WTF? look and refuse to learn them think they might have being a bit too complicating for him considering hes only learning how to talk and its too early for him to speak as it is.I have to admit I miss Echo and really hope he survives the Beak and Feather disease and gets over it because it would be a shame if after all the work being put into him he was to be needed to be put down on the other hand I don't think Ill ever want a parrot as a pet our lifestyles are just not compatable at all.....

Apart from that with my personal projects my book is finally written and I can happily move onto art part of it which I'm really excited about and so my proof readers will be getting e-mails with the script that they can comment about while I do the art bitsies before they finish reading it and then I can put it all together even tho I would still say it will take me few months to put it all together due to other things getting in the way from time to time and procrastination that hits me quiet often,but on the bright side my early xmass pressy Intuos5 graphic tablet will come in soo handy with putting it together and doing some pieces digitally for the book I'm a really happy bunny and see the project moving somewhat faster than it would have being drawing with mouse.

Also I spent last 2 1/2 days testing out the tablet and this is the piece I have painted its from an anime Nurarihyon No Mago which I tought was really brilliant in all ways possible:

Like I'm no pro yet,but I'm pretty happy with the way this piece turned out in the end plus Paint Tool Sai is a beauty of a painting program so Im in a nirvana of digital painting now and don't feel like anything can bring me down with not being able to achieve the standart that I can acomplish with right tools.

Apart from this my accessory collection that Im working on seems to be growing,so far I have a small plastic bag full of them already done still plenty of materials to recycle,but I'm really looking forward to that day when I'am done and dusted and can just put them on e-bay and send them off to new homes.Not revealing any pictures of them tho untill everything is done and dusted, but the day is growing sooner and also I'm considering once the book is finished make couple of necklaces/keyrings etc/ with the art pieces as I got 4 glass cabouchons to experiment with at the moment and depending how they go maybe Ill mass produce them if people like them :) who knows maybe mid next year I'll have some little savings to treat myself to a fancy pants muffin and a cup of hot cocoa ^^ mmmm..... tea gardens masala tea comes to mind right now *curses!*

As for something I'm considering to do in the future so far on the list I'm having plans for a small mobile  game idea that might be starting to be worked on in late february next year depending on timing of my personal projects etc..and I also want to find some time to improve my anatomy skills and learn how to make kanzashi accessories because I seeing someone making them on deviantart and they looks really magnificent so hopefully Ill get some time for that too.On the long long run Im having an idea to recreate Hyakkai Zukan's prints into 3d models and concept pieces hopefully to build up my 3d portfolio for character design as I have being leaving it for quiet a long while and recently I got my hands on Sculptris and its really nice little program for 3d modelling :) Apart from that I think that's it and I'll just have to see what new years brings my way and hopefully it will be something good!

*I wish for some good luck as Im genuinely walking talking bad luck and its soo annoying!!!*



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