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Probably last 2012 Update

I was just thinking its coming to X-Mass and all so this might be my last update for this year and soo many things have happened so I should share some of the exciting madness that has being going on recently.
First of all about a month ago we had Eirtakon on and this year it was just superbly amazing and I got to admit I love my job :P It went really well and nothing bad has happened so yay it was sucessfull once again and I really cant wait un till next year as I wont be able to go to any other cons during the next year I dont think due to moneyz.....
Cosplay Irelands Official Photographer Stephen even took awesome photos of us on the weekend which I was really happy with as it was my first year dressing up lolita for the con and I had shaky knees and was just saying to my self for the entire con *don't fall on your face please don't fall on your face!!!!* 
And I also survived gangnam style in heels *proud bragging momento of the year!*

Eirtakon is really special for me bec…