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Chinchilla Leg Amputation

[11/16/2012] I guess I made up my mind to write up this article as at the time when my baby chin needed to get a leg amputation I could not find any good useful information online and from personal experience I can tell you that it was the most frightening life experience I had in quiet a long time and I think it would be nice to give some information to other chin owners on this subject to prepare them for the unfortunate event of chinchillas amputation and to give them a better understanding what will they have to go through to keep their chin alive and how to prepare for the worst case scenario.

What has happened to our little chin:         On Friday night 4 weeks ago when we got back from doing our grocery shopping we found our chinchilla girl Spooky tangled up on the rope on her sleeping pouch.The rope was there to tie it up to the 3rd floor roof bars so in case the chinchillas were to move around a lot we could feel safe they wont fall down in the pouch from the third floor and …