My le rant about Leapcards and Irish transport

You got to love Irish public Transport because its all about how much money they can suck out of you and it is'nt really there because people who are poor need a cheap way to be able to travel and one of the things that pisses me off the most is their always the same excuse: "We don't get enough money" sorry Irish public Transport,but I have to call bullshit on this and your new introduction of Leap Cards still needs a lot of work done on it to actually be made for everyones needs as I see it as somebody who never ever took a public transport and probably is loaded every year with a nice salary trying to sell something to low and middle class people without having a clue what their everyday needs actually are and I thinks sometimes we have to ask people what exactly they need instead of picking up ideas out of the sky,but I have to admit the logo designer could not have made the design any better we all are just a little test bunnies of the big corporations and it feels like we are screwed over so much that we might as well spread our legs willingly because it doesn't seem like anybody will ever listen to our concern or worries they'll just look for how to screw us over even more and get more money out of us untill the day we die.

Out of all evils Luas seems to provide people with more than any other public transport,in around Christmass they have certain late night services so you have access to Luas afer xmass job parties etc. or sometimes during the summer they let kids travel for free to certain events that are happening in town and it feels like luas is more cultural thing than transport at times,but when it comes to Dublin Bus I think there are few lovely people working there but on the top of them all there is a giant money mosquito that should be eliminated as Dublin bus services just get more messier and horrible with every idea they bring in for example Electronic timetables that are only right on occassion as they're buses have a tendency to either

a)Dont show up at all b)Be late c)break down on occasion

and they never have a reserve bus coming to help people out you usually have to wait for another bus according to timetable to come and pick you up and you never get any money refunds or any sorry for inconvenience you just hop on another bus and they couldn't give a shit that you might get late for work or college and get into trouble over it and oh my favourite has to be when the snow and icy roads comes really bad and if you are halfway on your journey bus can sometimes get a message to let everybody go.I remember about a year ago I was on my way to college and just a good bit past the James Hospital just down a little further towards the Ballyfermoth route the bus stopped there for about over half an hour and it was freezing cold as I couldn't feel my feet anymore and then the bus driver told us that he cant go any further aI just had to walk back towards James Hospital to get Luas back home and we never were issued any compensation back its just feels like every time you get screwed over by Dublin bus its nothing new and all people in Dublin are really used to it that we cannot be arsed to do anything about it....

Also one day I hope I can afford a car so I never have to take Dublin Bus ever again I would not reccomend it to my owrst enemy on some routes for example when your coming from Ballyfermoth into Dublin you get such psychos on the bus sometimes like scumbags who drink and smoke at the back of the bus and then destroy the place apart and nothing gets done about it sometimes it feels like dublin bus advertises violence and abuse on the buses and does'nt think that passengers should be feeling safe at their journeys the way I see it is if in a car you have a safety belt you might have a bus security so if anybody causes trouble you throw them off the bus and they can walk home.On most routes from time to time you get bunches of girls who would be in around 13-15 16ish dressed up pretend adults and blaring music at the back of the bus and thinking *theyre deadly* I absolutely cant stand these people and usually have headphones in with me for gobshites like them ,but I do feel sorry for those who have to tolerate them on their full journey back home and they always target one person to wrip the piss out of them on their way back too which is ridiculous and hey I dont see why a nice quiet person has to deal with little teenage adult wanabes acting like 5 year olds covered in nutella when somebody has being genuinely working their ass off and is on their way home.

Dublin bus really is a lot of mess and witht he introduction of leap cards they are saying they are trying to abolish the paper tickets to cut down their costs and the biggest bullshit about it is that if you have a leap card you get to pay 2.40 for journey in and out of town and on normal paper ticket its 2.65 for the same journey and if you are doing a journey in and out of town the difference between the two is 50 cents and somehow I question that 2 little pieces of paper with a bit of ink would cost that much.And its a lot of bullshit about saving paper because when you top up your leap card you get this big receipt that looks like mobile top up receipt in size and the only difference is that the shops are more likely to buy that paper than the bus companies so they are only looking how to cheap out on their shitty services and make others pay more and on top of that every year I'm pretty sure they clam good few thousands of euros extra from not claimed change receipts as from personal experience if they over you 5 or 10 cents you just crumple up the receipt and throw it our or it gets misplaces its a great tactic of how to make more money on the sly and I really dont see them donating all the extra they get to a good cause and yet they support soo many public events etc. from time to time as they advertise it on posters on the buses it makes you wonder so do they really lack money so much if they throw it left right and centre for advertisement and all these things they say they donate the money to.Im sure deep down there is some tax saving thing in their doing or some other cause that would make them have more money.

Now speaking of Leap cards don't get me wrong I think the whole Leap card thing it is not a bad idea,but I think it could be enhanced to actually suit our needs instead of suck us dry out of money everyday and this popped into my head after the first use of Oyster cards in London and I realised our transport system especially Dublin Bus truly is somewhat of a big ball of mess and it feels like they just brough them in to serve as an advantage to them rather than be usefull to an everyday person who is living in around Dublin.

In London Oyster cards (for those who are not familiar) its something like the Leap card only one big shiny thing about them once you reached in around 10 pound on day travel all your travel expenses get capped at that and you can travel as often as you like.Ten pound are in around 12.50 ish in euros,but it means you can travel all day long to your hearts desire without need to worry about your card credit while in Dublin they brought in the *sweetened deal for those with the cards only* instead of 2.65 you would pay 2.40,but if you need to travel more often than 4 times to be honest I see leap cards being no use Id rather get a day ticket or maybe a 7 day ,but ticket as it ends up much more cheaper ,but yet if they really wanted to they could cap the leap card price at a certain price per day for example I think 6.50 just like a normal day ticket would be a great price to cap it on for a day travel it would make people happy as it would save us some money if we need to travel much and at the same time the transport will get the money they earner,but I somehow dont see it happening and the rumor is going around Dublin Bus are planing to get rid of these day and 7 day tickets so they can get more people on leap cards and I have to admit I wont be surprised if it happens because its so like them to not care about their customers but their pockets first.

Sometimes I wish corporations that are in charge of public transport etc. would listen to what people want as you can make money and provide great services rather than pulling ideas that wont work well out of their ass and then spend as much money on advertisement as possible in hope that it will catch on.Sorry to break it to you,but we have a lot of educated people in Ireland and we think about value for our money than impulsive spending especially now that money is tight and recession is making us pull that money belt even tighter on us....

And if some genius opens their own public transport bus service be warned Dublin Bus I would give you away without thinking twice as the only reason I c=take Dublin bus is because I cannot afford a car,but if I was given a car or was able to have one I would swap Dublin bus for a car any day even if its more expensive it would be more worth it for not dealing with so much shit you get to deal with on Dublin bus.

And to end it all here are some pretty interwebz pictures


  1. The drop in cost is between the leap and the cash cost is that 1. Leap cards are not cash transfers, they're just moving credit off your account. This means that they aren't paying to handle and count up all the change in the bus for all of those transactions. This means that they don't have to handle much cash at all if they get 90% uptake on it or the travel cards.
    2. The need to promote the card to get people on it. If you save 10-20% on each trip that means that the card pays for itself after 20 trips which is not a crazy number.

    The card also has a credit limit associated with it. So if you have 1 cent left on the card you can get home.


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