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My le rant about Leapcards and Irish transport

You got to love Irish public Transport because its all about how much money they can suck out of you and it is'nt really there because people who are poor need a cheap way to be able to travel and one of the things that pisses me off the most is their always the same excuse: "We don't get enough money" sorry Irish public Transport,but I have to call bullshit on this and your new introduction of Leap Cards still needs a lot of work done on it to actually be made for everyones needs as I see it as somebody who never ever took a public transport and probably is loaded every year with a nice salary trying to sell something to low and middle class people without having a clue what their everyday needs actually are and I thinks sometimes we have to ask people what exactly they need instead of picking up ideas out of the sky,but I have to admit the logo designer could not have made the design any better we all are just a little test bunnies of the big corporations and it f…