Taryn Barker series update...

So our director Zoe Kavanagh has made yet another Indiegogo page for our web series now that the short movie is out of the way.For the next month and a half we shall be doing quiet a lot of preparation and choreography for the final promo stuff as we are shooting some pretty badass promo stuff with lots of fake blood and gore and demons just to hopefully get some investors interested in our project and to show everyone that we mean business and can make this project pretty badass,action packed and another hit on the web that will make you crave every episode worse than midnight munchies :)

Few words from our Director Zoe Kavanagh

Our theme song done by our talanted musician/composer Scott Tobin and angelic voice of Antonia Close

So please do support our project by

a) By spreading the word around about our indie gogo page:


b) By liking us on facebook:


c) Subscribing to our youtube channel untill we get our website up and running:


Thank you soo much in advance to all of you guys who have supported us so far and who is joining the list of our supporters and I really hope you enjoy the web series once they're done we really could'nt get so far without all of you guys ^^


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