August Update

There hasn't being that much things happening this past few months,but to hell with it I guess there are still few tiny updates :)

1.BIG NEWS!!!On Friday 10th of August this year Cosplay Ireland which was founded by Amy King had its first photoshoot and Amy invited me to help out as one of the make-up artists for the day :) It was sooo awesome I couldn't sleep the night before and I was so excited about it that on Friday morning I was hoping the time would speed up so I can go out the door quicker as I was up at 5am and couldn't sleep over the excitement and the day was soo worth it in the end pity it went soo fast when we got to the studio it was soo much fun I cant wait for the next months shoot also it was such a pleasure working with Stephen Headley again hes a really talanted photographer and its so nice to work with such amazing and trusted people its always a pleasure to work with him again :) *hyper hyper bunny!*

The short video by IrishCosplay of *behind the scenes*:

The photos from the first cosplay can actually be seeing on the following facebook page basically if you like the page you should be able to see all the photos and they turned out really awesome:

2.Art wyze I have to admit I have being procrastinating for quiet a while,but I haven't being that much on one spot either.Im starting to use an art painting program called Sai its sooo brilliant and pretty basic.You are limited to what you can do with it not like in photoshop,but you have just enough tools to do painting from scratch and the rest you can easily edit in The GIMP because I hate photoshop, but this program is like a goldmine the tools are soo easy to use and their blending tool is just the greatest blending tool I have ever tried to use.I havent used it that much yet because using a mouse is a nightmare when you want to do details,but this is what I have come up with so far going back and forth between Sai and The GIMP

(click on an Image to see bigger version)

Apart from that so far Ive only done few chibi comissions which are pretty simple things and the following 2 paintings I dont know why but my head is out there with the faeries recently Im not even a fan of faeries at all just seems like a nice idea to paint.... I really have no better excuse for this:

3.On the Taryn Barker front we are doing choreography at the moment our first meet up was last Tuesday and I had some homework moves to practice.Unfortunatelly I had to cancel today's choreography training due to a flu which has being killing me for the past few days :(

we are really lucky tho that we got such a wonderfull martial arts trainer as Garr thanx to our special fx artist Gemma.It is soo handy when your starting something new like choreography when you haven't done it before and your instructor is really easy to work with and is great at breaking things down for you so its easier to understand them.I guess most of our Taryn Barker Team is a pleasure to work with because they're such wonderfull people who put soo much work into the project so we are really lucky at having that.

Also Taryn Barker has makemyseries page now so please do like it and then that counts as a vote for us which could make our series go long way:

4.Photography wyze I finally was able to do some hamster photography that I was dieing to do for a while,but me being busy and procrastinating and having other more important things to do doesn't give me much morning hours to get get out and shoot things ,but I had an opportunity to shoot some images of chinese dwarf hamster Zuzu chan ^^ and she is such a poser especially when there is a fly flying around somewhere and she wants to eat it so it was just perfect timing for photoshoot and here are some of the photos from the shoot even tho more could be seeing on my dA page:

I really wish tho that one day I'm able to get a pro cam for shooting so I can shoot more Macro stuff and in rough format so that the images turn out much better,but I guess this will do for now.

5.There isn't that much news apart from what Ive mentioned apart from for next 4 weeks I'll be babysitting chinchilla which I'm really looking forward to as I never saw chinchillas in real life and like never babysitted one either,but they look so cute!!Its suffering from depression at the moment due to its friend being pregnant and attacking it all the time so it needs some rest untill *peggi's* (chinchillas name) friend gives birth to the babies.So I'll be making sure Peggi gets plenty of tender love and care that it needs for next while and hopefully she'll snap from depression in no time.

So yeah I guess that's all for now and there is still no word when I'm going to do few photoshoots that I have planned,but I'll keep everything updated here :)


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