Yet another Update

So yeah I know I've being away *in my little disappeared world* for about 2 months now,but nothing super crazy has being happening recently really that was worth blogging about,but I've still got few updates I guess:

On this Wednesday we are having a little premiere in IFI of our Taryn Barker short movie basically its free in and the show starts at 6pm and it will be show casting all the last cinematography movies of the IADT cinematography year 2012 and Taryn Barker will be one of them.Everybody seems to be really excited about it and Im kinda dreading the day because it would be weird seeing myself on a big screen ^^,but we shall see how it goes.

I'm having two photoshoots planned so far (I know being procrastinating with modeling latelly,but yeah thats me for you) so I shall keep you guys updated about it in the near future Im still building some things for the shoot and need to order in some things off ebay too whenever I gotz moneys,but its pretty interesting shoot concepts that I dont want to reveal yet in case I jinx them.

Apart from that hmm.. let me think..
Really I haven't being up to that much awesomeness its more less I've either got no time to do anything or money makes me stay indoors most of the time,but Im slowly *trying* to learn how to play acoustic guitar Im not super great at it,but Im still trying.

Ive being working hard tho on pre-production for my game project its just takes such a long time for such simple looking things to be processed and all at the moment,but hopefully it will be worth it in the end ^^.Really cant wait to start building everything, but I can definately guarantee that pre-production will be going on for at least next 2 months or so which is time consuming,but Im trying to set up a strong foundation for the project as possible and then look for team members to get on board for the future.

As for the site updates just letting people know I have deleted my G+ account for a reason that once I log into my youtube account and log off it it logs me into my google account and wont log me off (really frustrating and wont let me trust using my youtube account on somebodys computer without being fraped) *paranoia paranoia* I know,but yeah it made me delete my G+ account for that reason.Yet I still gots my youtube account :) and more nonsence being uploaded to it as usual.

So I think thats all for now,but ill keep you guys updated anyways :)


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