Being away for soo long!!!

Heya guys just a new update as I havent being writing on my blog for about a while now.Ive being swamped with some work that I have left to do for the past few months and they haven't moved up the list at all so I've being following a schedule recently and havent had time to update my blog much,but it was also on the list of to do things.

As far as our Taryn Barker project goes we finally have finished shooting everything for the short movie and at the moment our director Zoe Kavanagh is working on putting it all together :) and at the moment we are in the limbo between shooting the rest as a feature movie or the web series also unfortunatelly our cinematographer(the camera guy) has left the team ,but we were lucky enough having such amazing producer who came up with the replacement already not sure who is the new cinematographer,but heard shes really good.Apart from that we should be screening the short *TARYN BARKER* movie pretty soon on a big screen so anybody in Ireland will be welcome to come over for a night and see it free of charge on a big screen.Im sure we will be announcing day time and place on our facebook page:

Apart from that Ive being learning how to use Sony Vegas video editing program and Zoe has being really helpfull with it which Im soo glad about its awesome having crazy friends and at the same time them being very helpfull with learning new things.Zoe always provides me with honest opinion on my stuff which is soo nice to have :) I hate swet lies give me sour truth any day.Oh and here is one of my quirky edits so far

I know Ive still got to work on framing it right and the aspect ratio ,but its something that Im still learning at the moment and have to get a hang of it as the program provides you with soo muh complex options and menus.And ontop of that ive still good few footages to edit out ^^

Oh Will finally got his computer built aout which Im going YIPEE FINALLY THE MONSTER IS BUILT! I know not many know about it,but basically it means I can work on a 3d portfolio for college which I couldnt do because all the 3d programs are soo big and it takes a powerfull machine to get the best out of the work so Im considering starting to work on portfolio in few weeks as at the moment Im reading some books on video game design to get a bit better at the theory of how to make a video game from the start to finish.As our little project me and Will also plan to work on a project together making an MMRPG game as hes fantastic at coming up with concept and writing and Im great at modeling.Ontop of that I really want to try myself out at Zbrush to make some quirky characters too :) So if Im gone for next few months do know Im going to be working my ass off coming up with some crazies.

One thing Im really happy about I finally have deleted accounts such as my ancient paypal,ebay,onemodelplace,folio because I just never got to use them and AT LAST Ive refurbished my portfolio page,vampirefreaks page and my make up blog layout.I was really freaking out as blogger is changing to a really horrible main page layout soon its too white and complicating for me so I wanted to have all the decorating done before it goes complex.SO Im really proud of all the crazy designing I was able to do in 2 days I even got my digital CV done really nicely.If you want to check the layous our here they are

My make-up blog:
My portfolio page:
My vampirefreaks:

Also on my daportfolio you can see the 3d work Ive done ages ago and what Im looking forward to Improve on.

Apart from that nothing crazy has being hapening really Ive being just working on geting things done so I can sleep safely without waking up in the morning and looking on the list and seeing 100s of things on to do list.Ive actually got a list of articles I want to write about on my make up page that I wanted to cover for the past while,but theyre still on the to do list and it doesnt help that the theory books take soo much time to go through.Usually I try to get over one 300 page book in a day or 2 and yet Ive soo many more books to go through.I know Im learning a lot from them,but it is a lot of effort reading them as Im such a huuge procrastinator ,but Im still trying to force myself to improve my skill and do much more.SO far Ive got to dust down my previous skills and on the to learn list is how to make my own textures and using vray rendered to make my models look more awesomer as well as bitmap them so they look realistic so it will be a lot of learning and improving on old skills in the next while and aswell as that Im hopefully will get few photoshoots going too.

Apart from that I dont think theres anything crazy going on that I would like to update you guys on apart from that I might be dyeing my fringe silver.It will be pretty tricky but hopefully Ill be able to pull it off.So wish me best of luck and Ill be keeping you guys updated on everything :)


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