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Being away for soo long!!!

Heya guys just a new update as I havent being writing on my blog for about a while now.Ive being swamped with some work that I have left to do for the past few months and they haven't moved up the list at all so I've being following a schedule recently and havent had time to update my blog much,but it was also on the list of to do things.

As far as our Taryn Barker project goes we finally have finished shooting everything for the short movie and at the moment our director Zoe Kavanagh is working on putting it all together :) and at the moment we are in the limbo between shooting the rest as a feature movie or the web series also unfortunatelly our cinematographer(the camera guy) has left the team ,but we were lucky enough having such amazing producer who came up with the replacement already not sure who is the new cinematographer,but heard shes really good.Apart from that we should be screening the short *TARYN BARKER* movie pretty soon on a big screen so anybody in Ireland wil…