Taryn Barker part 1 ITS A WRAP!!!

(Our little mascot Champ he was such a cutie over the days we spend in our *base* aka Steves house)

So we finally have some-what finished shooting Taryn Barker Episode 1 flashback sequence.It was some crazy 4 days last week from Wednesday to Saturday (21-24 March 2012) basically we were on set for about 12 hours and on some days even more trying to get everything done in a short period of time due to our funding(we just havent got money to shoot more than 4 days),but I must admit we got everything done on time there were few times when we had to change things around or compromise a little or as on Friday we worked from 10 in the morning till 1 in the morning the following day just to get everything done,but Im sure it was worth it in the end.

Have to admit I really enjoyed shooting the first episode as our team was BRILLIANT and I got to meet and work with some fantastic people!!We were more like a family than a crew and everybody did their best and dedicated a lot of their time and energy in making this episode happen.Also a huge thank you to Steve Jackson's (Our Producers)parents they were such fantastic hosts and made sure we were well fed during these crazy few days.

In about next few weeks time all the material is going to get all cut together into a rough film and from what I heard we've around 200GB worth of material to work with *auch!* it took a whole day to transfer to a computer by our director and for next few weeks she will be working hard to put it together and to make it as badass as possible.I Will be keeping you guys updated on how it goes and will be posting latest news on here once I get it.

As for now here are some awesome behind the scenes photos from our super awesome photographer Sir James Spencer https://www.facebook.com/jamesspencerphoto we like own his soul right now because hes soo awesome and came up with some badass poster designs for Taryn barker series.


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