So what are my plans now

So now that the first episode of Taryn Barker is shot there are few things on my mind that Im hoping to get involved in,in the near future before we start shooting more footage for the later episodes.Like I didnt get a weekend off yet and Im always broke and cant afford a holiday so me and Will are going over to Bray for a weekend to visit Glen so we are creating our own little cheap holiday adventure surrounded by friends.Im really looking forward to it to be honest I havent being in Bray or outside of Dublin for few days in a very ling while.Besides my friends always tell me to come over for a visit to crazy places like Kilkenny,Galway and Belfast,but the money situation is always letting me down.

I know my modelling went down the drain with the web series preparations and such so I really want to get back into it so I will be looking for some photographers sometimes soon and will be begging them to shoot me on some crazy ideas.I really want to upgrade my wardrope and get more wigs to be honest and get some crazy ideas back rolling in my modelling dA account,but at the moment money is a bit of an issue and it doesnt help that I spotted out some thing on e-bay that I want to get *POOO DAMN YOU RECESSION AND JOBLESSNESS!!*

Speaking of modelling I'm interested in working on the other side of camera as well as a videographer I recently got a copy of video editing software and seem to be getting a hang of it so em planing experimenting a little and then do a trial mess around video shoot see if I can put something nice together as a video I blaime Zoe Kavanagh our director for this shes a fantastic and very interesting person and hanging around her you get to learn a lot about video editing,we are more like sisters now than friends and its weird,but everybody says we look alike.

The plan so far is to bring a cam with me on the weekend in Bray so hopefully there will be something good to shoot in Bray to start rolling my scenery photography as long as I dont forget a charger for it or bring an empty battery with me I do tend to be silly like that sometimes,but after the weekend away I will be looking for some victims for doing make-up on and shooting them I might even collaborate with one of my friends on this project considering she's a brilliant gothic photographer.Also once I actually do get some sort of money Im planing to go over to Belfast for a friend visit and working with amazing photographer Brendan that I worked with before as a model,but this time I will be a make up artist rather than a model,but who knows I might have a shoot with him too as he's a brilliant photographer and I always enjoy having photoshoots with him.

My traditional art actually started to get much better now as well and I went on a big art supply shopping spree buzz few weeks ago and spent all my money on it that's the artists weakness I guess a lot of artists have this weakness from time to time,but at least Im well stocked up on paper and supplies for a next good while :) so I will be posting some crazy artwork on here once Ive got few pieces done besides I know Ive few pieces to post that I havent shared here yet so I will post them sometime soon and apart from that I will be painting at Seshtival again next month on Friday 13th of April :) I got this news only few days ago from my daddy and was really delighted about it.Like Ill have to miss Anime Ireland event because of this ,but at the same time Im broke and have no money nor time to get a cosplay outfit done by the April 13th so it wont be that much of a miss and Im sure the day will go great :)

As for my digital art Ill be leaving it for a while theres nothing I need to get done soon so fair enough if I have any photos shot Ill need to edit them,but as far as graphic design goes apart from some crazy Taryn Barker crazy edits I dont think there is anything Im looking at doing any time soon,but Iam considering doing some computer icons for desktops and maybe some little IM pictures and maybe a badass few wallpapers for computers of our Taryn Barker crazy designs just so we can get it out there and get people more interested in our web series

Apart from that I dont think there is anything else Im planing to do my stock supplies of random materials are a bit low at the moment so I wont be doing any clothes remodifications any time soon,but I am planing to somehow miracilously stop procrastinating and get my act together and DJ again in Dominion.Hmmm...that reminds me I could always get some more crazy ass photos done in there too of the crazy nights theyre having :)

I guess thats all for now.......


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