My latest artwork

Click on an Image if you want to see a bigger version of it ^^

these fishes was like the last piece of art Ive done last year but somehow it also turned out to be the first big step into my new year full of art.I must admit I started drawing and painting much more now than I did in years.

I was always pretty crap at portraiture drawing it life like so it was one of the goals I set up to acomplish this year so I started researching the subject and see if I could improve on it.I must admit I did improve dramatically on it,but my 60 portrait project went down the drain before the first week was over I guess procrastination is my bigest weakness when setting up certain goals for myself.

Can you tell Im obsessed with asian culture be it anime or the traditional japanese style I LOOOVE ASIAN CULTURE AND ITS AWESOME HISTORY OF FOLKTALES AND LEGENDS!!!I guess Hokusai is one of the artists I can say has influenced me a lot even tho I have nothing simmilar to his art style,but I do love his Japanese scenery works and their simplistic look.It is funny tho that I always unintentally start drawing anime style of people rahter than realistic and I was never able to snap out of it untill college and now Im trying to reverse it back because I realised I have lost my style of art when I was in college completely because I was trying to draw realistic figures rather than anime style.

I can draw a female body quiet well so Im trying to practice to draw more male anatomy now because Im absolutely crap at it.No Im not obsessed with muscley men I actually dont find them atractive at all,but as far as art goes its just a body proportion and I dont find people that atractive really I tend to always find faults in everyone so I see people as just a subject that could be nice to practice and draw.I know Im still shit at drawing male body but Iam trying to get much better.

SKYRIM COLLAGE!!!Yes Im a big fan of the game and this collage was done spontaneously becaus I did couple of crazy magazine cut-outs and tried to put them together into some crazy badass collage.It was more like an experimentation with different art mediums than anything else.


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