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My latest artwork

Click on an Image if you want to see a bigger version of it ^^

these fishes was like the last piece of art Ive done last year but somehow it also turned out to be the first big step into my new year full of art.I must admit I started drawing and painting much more now than I did in years.

I was always pretty crap at portraiture drawing it life like so it was one of the goals I set up to acomplish this year so I started researching the subject and see if I could improve on it.I must admit I did improve dramatically on it,but my 60 portrait project went down the drain before the first week was over I guess procrastination is my bigest weakness when setting up certain goals for myself.

Can you tell Im obsessed with asian culture be it anime or the traditional japanese style I LOOOVE ASIAN CULTURE AND ITS AWESOME HISTORY OF FOLKTALES AND LEGENDS!!!I guess Hokusai is one of the artists I can say has influenced me a lot even tho I have nothing simmilar to his art style,but I do love his Japan…

So what are my plans now

So now that the first episode of Taryn Barker is shot there are few things on my mind that Im hoping to get involved in,in the near future before we start shooting more footage for the later episodes.Like I didnt get a weekend off yet and Im always broke and cant afford a holiday so me and Will are going over to Bray for a weekend to visit Glen so we are creating our own little cheap holiday adventure surrounded by friends.Im really looking forward to it to be honest I havent being in Bray or outside of Dublin for few days in a very ling while.Besides my friends always tell me to come over for a visit to crazy places like Kilkenny,Galway and Belfast,but the money situation is always letting me down.

I know my modelling went down the drain with the web series preparations and such so I really want to get back into it so I will be looking for some photographers sometimes soon and will be begging them to shoot me on some crazy ideas.I really want to upgrade my wardrope and get more wigs …

Taryn Barker part 1 ITS A WRAP!!!

(Our little mascot Champ he was such a cutie over the days we spend in our *base* aka Steves house)

So we finally have some-what finished shooting Taryn Barker Episode 1 flashback sequence.It was some crazy 4 days last week from Wednesday to Saturday (21-24 March 2012) basically we were on set for about 12 hours and on some days even more trying to get everything done in a short period of time due to our funding(we just havent got money to shoot more than 4 days),but I must admit we got everything done on time there were few times when we had to change things around or compromise a little or as on Friday we worked from 10 in the morning till 1 in the morning the following day just to get everything done,but Im sure it was worth it in the end.

Have to admit I really enjoyed shooting the first episode as our team was BRILLIANT and I got to meet and work with some fantastic people!!We were more like a family than a crew and everybody did their best and dedicated a lot of their time and ene…