Michelle Phan someone who pushed herself to get far in life and cosplay

Im writing this blog entry simply because I came across this on one of my friends page:

*facepal!* What would people not try to do to make themselves feel good about themselves.In todays day and age one of the things that a lot of people seem to be missing on is Internet etiquet.Like I know its easy to say to somebody "Oh I hate you your this and that" anonymously over the net,but if you wouldnt do it to somebodys face why would you do it at all?

The worlds industry be it modeling or make-up,fashion design,photography etc.is not one of the easiest places to get on top of you have to contact a lot of people,spend plenty of money that sometimes you barely have,and create contacts with people its not an easy job and sometimes it does drain you emotionally and physically and not always are we going to make it to the top of the food chain,but even if we do get there it doesnt mean we will out of nowhere transform into perfection with no flaws.

As a girl I learned something from my own skin we might look tough at times,but we have flaws that sometimes can get us down quiet easily and we will feel like crawling into the darkest of the caves and never coming out.So some of us have a common sence to actually treat others like we would like to be treated ourselves.In my opinion Michelle Phan is a wonderfull young woman I must admit I do have a bit of envy of how far she got in her life,but at the same time Im really happy for her.Back in the days (few years ago) I was following her on youtube and I can tell you this girl tought me a lot about make-up its just I felt I advanced so far that there wasn't anything else she could teach me,but it doesn't make her a bad make-up artist I still think she is brilliant at what she does.Its just I was looking for something more complex and advanced.Yet I would never say a bad word about her.Of course some of us might be jealous of her success and looks,but she is not perfect and she doesnt has to be because nobody is ever perfect we all have flaws we just have to not let them get us down.And Whoever was smart enough to say something on the lines :

I am sorry and I may sounds like a jelly b#$ch but Michelle Phan looks absolutely terrible as Serah. Her makeup makes her eyes look extra droopy and the angle shes looking at the camera makes her nose appear larger. Her wig is great, though!

You have never being in her shoes and Im sure your shoes are not even half the size of Michelle Phans shoes and I dont get it why would you waste your time trying to bully someone and yes I do consider it as a form of cyber bullying because your trying to hurt somebodys feeling because Michelle Phan could come across your message someday.Why dont you instead chase your dreams and try to do something with your life.

LIfe is not an easy thing some of us give up on it others fall into the whole monopoly of it,but if you dont make the first step nobody else will do it for you so if you want to do something with your life make the first step dont try to bring people down.It will just make you worse of a person and in this situation stupid because Im sure you never met Michelle Phan in real life nor would you be able to know what shes like in real person to try and insult her.

As for her cosplay Im not a fan of Final Fantasy myself,but I do know a thing or 2 about cosplay.Its not about being a spit image of the character because you dont see cosplayers going every week to get face reconstruction done because it could affect their cosplay.We all are born different shapes sizes and colours and you know what it doesnt mater what character we cosplay as.Cosplay is about portraying character the way you see him her or it.I spend a lot of time on dA and Ive seen a lot of cosplays some were disastorous and some were fantastic ,but Id never bring anybodys cosplay down I would rather encourage them to continue trying and get beter at it or just stay silent.Some of the fantastic cosplay designers also have galleries filled with first projects they did and they werent great at first,but they took small steps to get beter at it and I believe that everybody gets there in the end and makes fantastic cosplays if they dont give up.I talked to a girl a while ago she had fantastic cosplay of Misa from Deathnote and she was in a wheelchair and nobody cared that she was in a wheelchair because it doesnt make her any different to any other coplayer yet she has to be the best cosplay of Misa Ive seen so far.Yet she wasnt born to be Misa's twin she pulled out the cosplay really well and if you knew Death Note anime or manga you didnt need to think who she was youd know it straight away.I really hope this girl goes far in life and Cosplay of course as she is doing those little steps and chasing her dreams and I really respect her for that she is somebody we all can look upto.

There are quiet a few people who forget that cosplaying is about self expression and having a bit of fun with people you know and sometimes even make new awesome friends.And some people would be freaking out about their cosplay because they would finish it about half an hour before the Con theyre going to has to open up.They havent slept or eaten for days working on their outfit and no mater what level they are at they always appreciate a compliment.Because they put their heart and soul into it and your little compliment could maybe make them go pro one day and they will remember you for it.You know it might take years,but people like that do remember people who did tell them to go further with what they are doing and never give up and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside with joy when you see how much they can achieve in the future in no time.

So guys do try to stay out of catfights and drama on the net and dont bring other people down because you couldnt be arsed to make the first step or if you feel miserable.Try to make somebody's day instead and encourage them to do more and if you can help them out a little.They will never forget it and that way you will also create something or maybe be somebodys inspiration and Muse!


  1. That is all very true. You can look at a cosplayer or model and really evny her because she gets lots of comments in her DA, has beautiful looks and a lovely body. You think she is perfect and sucessful but people forget that like you said we all have flaws. For all we know that girl could have had a terrible break up, lost a family member and needs cosplay to get over her weakeness. She could of worked bloody hard to achieve her dream. Your comment to cheer her on could mean the world to her.

    It is a very petty enviroment out there, I can see it myself with Cosplay Ireland. Humans always wait for the fall and don't want you to succeed, it is human nature we all feel like that so leads to hating. I truly feel sorry for haters because I know deep down they are very unhappy individuals who hate you because you are determined and a goal driven person. I find the word compassion really powerful and is very relevant. I do feel really nice and fuzzy when I comment someone because you don't know where that comment could take you or how it can effect that person.

  2. I hate to sound cynical and bitter but the internet is full of trolls who enjoy nothing better then crawling out from under their bridge to tear someone down. Etiquet died a long time ago on the internet :'(

    You are right though that people rarely give constructive critisism, I'm of the opinion if you can actually do it better then give some polite advice on how improve the work you're looking and get them up to the same level or just hold your tongue. Not everyone has the same level of natural talent and some people have to work damn hard to get to produce the same level of work you might be able to knock together in an afternoon.

  3. @Amy your a good example of a person who went through not that different of a story when somebody faked to be you on cosplay forums.Its like you are lucky that you are a strong person and you came out even stronger in the end and gained experience on how to deal with all this,but at the same we dont know how Michelle Phan could reacto to it and from what I read there were over 60 messages agreeing with the person which is sickening Im sure if somebody asked those people would they mind if somebody was insulting them online they would say they would get furious over it.Yet they do this to somebody they never met in person.

    @Writer yupp your words are true trolling sadly became one of the biggest past times some people have.Youd reckon people would find something beter to do,but no they would just waste their lives ruining lifes of other people.As for cosplaying I agree with you for some people it come easier than others,but I do believe that if you put your heart and soul into it you can make a much better cosplay sometimes than somebody to whom it comes naturally.And one thing I learned from dA we still got a community of artists that are willing to help somebody who starts off.I myself sometimes not for cosplay purposes,but other artistic purposes would ask people how they did this or that just to see can I understand can I do it myself if I tried.And most of the times people were actually glad to help and if anybody any stranger asked me for something online that I knew about I dont mind helping out aswell. Some people might take longer than others achieving a high level cosplay,but it doesnt make them better or worse if you put work into it one way or another you will create a really awesome piece and in the end all that counts is that you enjoyed making it and wearing it and had fun in the process.


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