Whats going on at the moment in my life

Heya guys just dropping by for a quick update.Just letting everybody know Im still alive,well,and quiet busy at the moment.

*TOO MUCH THINGS NEED TO BE DONE*(yet Im spending this time procrastinating)

Just letting you know that a short movie "New World Order date has being moved to March as our CGI artist had a computer problem so he needs some more time to make the movie amazing!" so I will keep yous updated about it.

As for Taryn Barker Web series we still have to cast one more role and we are definatelly starting to shoot it on the 20th of February (its coming so soon!)and so far we got a small sum of money together to keep it rolling for first few episodes untill we get more money and we are just finishing up with getting few things togehter for the first episode like the locations,paperwork etc. plus it will leave us with a week or two to practice the complete script draft for the series.So *fingers crossed* and you might get to see some of the sneak preview of it.At the start Zoe Kavanagh our fantastic Director will be making an end of the year short from one of the episodes,but then we are snipping it into the episode so get ready for some pretty crazy stuff coming out soon.

Also on top of that I might be staring in another movie this year ^^ keeping it low at the moment because Im not sure if I will get the part or not but you know incase the good news knock on my door on in this case text me via e-mail or my phone I will let you guys know all about it.

Apart from that all has being dead,but I might be working on a cosplay project with Amy King :) aka Cairduil I dont know much about it yet as we still got to discuss it,but Im really looking forward to work with Amy sometime soon in the future :)

Also another small thing depending on what date it is on I might be painting for Seshtival again in February so Ive being kept very busy and it will be some crazy few months ahead :)

Oh and Im still procrastinating on my DJ set still waiting for my super awesome wig to arrive and them my outfit is halfway done and once all the outfit and digital media for my DJ set is done I can put all the music together and contact Conor for a date to Dj on.It will take a long time tho as there is soo much I put before Djing.
SOmetimes we have to know whats more important and what is a luxury of life I suppose.


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