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Probably last 2012 Update

I was just thinking its coming to X-Mass and all so this might be my last update for this year and soo many things have happened so I should share some of the exciting madness that has being going on recently.
First of all about a month ago we had Eirtakon on and this year it was just superbly amazing and I got to admit I love my job :P It went really well and nothing bad has happened so yay it was sucessfull once again and I really cant wait un till next year as I wont be able to go to any other cons during the next year I dont think due to moneyz.....
Cosplay Irelands Official Photographer Stephen even took awesome photos of us on the weekend which I was really happy with as it was my first year dressing up lolita for the con and I had shaky knees and was just saying to my self for the entire con *don't fall on your face please don't fall on your face!!!!* 
And I also survived gangnam style in heels *proud bragging momento of the year!*

Eirtakon is really special for me bec…

Chinchilla Leg Amputation

[11/16/2012] I guess I made up my mind to write up this article as at the time when my baby chin needed to get a leg amputation I could not find any good useful information online and from personal experience I can tell you that it was the most frightening life experience I had in quiet a long time and I think it would be nice to give some information to other chin owners on this subject to prepare them for the unfortunate event of chinchillas amputation and to give them a better understanding what will they have to go through to keep their chin alive and how to prepare for the worst case scenario.

What has happened to our little chin:         On Friday night 4 weeks ago when we got back from doing our grocery shopping we found our chinchilla girl Spooky tangled up on the rope on her sleeping pouch.The rope was there to tie it up to the 3rd floor roof bars so in case the chinchillas were to move around a lot we could feel safe they wont fall down in the pouch from the third floor and …

My le rant about Leapcards and Irish transport

You got to love Irish public Transport because its all about how much money they can suck out of you and it is'nt really there because people who are poor need a cheap way to be able to travel and one of the things that pisses me off the most is their always the same excuse: "We don't get enough money" sorry Irish public Transport,but I have to call bullshit on this and your new introduction of Leap Cards still needs a lot of work done on it to actually be made for everyones needs as I see it as somebody who never ever took a public transport and probably is loaded every year with a nice salary trying to sell something to low and middle class people without having a clue what their everyday needs actually are and I thinks sometimes we have to ask people what exactly they need instead of picking up ideas out of the sky,but I have to admit the logo designer could not have made the design any better we all are just a little test bunnies of the big corporations and it f…

August Update

There hasn't being that much things happening this past few months,but to hell with it I guess there are still few tiny updates :)

1.BIG NEWS!!!On Friday 10th of August this year Cosplay Ireland which was founded by Amy King had its first photoshoot and Amy invited me to help out as one of the make-up artists for the day :) It was sooo awesome I couldn't sleep the night before and I was so excited about it that on Friday morning I was hoping the time would speed up so I can go out the door quicker as I was up at 5am and couldn't sleep over the excitement and the day was soo worth it in the end pity it went soo fast when we got to the studio it was soo much fun I cant wait for the next months shoot also it was such a pleasure working with Stephen Headley again hes a really talanted photographer and its so nice to work with such amazing and trusted people its always a pleasure to work with him again :) *hyper hyper bunny!*

The short video by IrishCosplay of *behind the scenes…

Taryn Barker series update...

So our director Zoe Kavanagh has made yet another Indiegogo page for our web series now that the short movie is out of the way.For the next month and a half we shall be doing quiet a lot of preparation and choreography for the final promo stuff as we are shooting some pretty badass promo stuff with lots of fake blood and gore and demons just to hopefully get some investors interested in our project and to show everyone that we mean business and can make this project pretty badass,action packed and another hit on the web that will make you crave every episode worse than midnight munchies :)

Few words from our Director Zoe Kavanagh

Our theme song done by our talanted musician/composer Scott Tobin and angelic voice of Antonia Close

So please do support our project by

a) By spreading the word around about our indie gogo page:

b) By liking us on facebook:

c) Subscribing to our youtube channel untill we get our website up a…

Yet another Update

So yeah I know I've being away *in my little disappeared world* for about 2 months now,but nothing super crazy has being happening recently really that was worth blogging about,but I've still got few updates I guess:

On this Wednesday we are having a little premiere in IFI of our Taryn Barker short movie basically its free in and the show starts at 6pm and it will be show casting all the last cinematography movies of the IADT cinematography year 2012 and Taryn Barker will be one of them.Everybody seems to be really excited about it and Im kinda dreading the day because it would be weird seeing myself on a big screen ^^,but we shall see how it goes.

I'm having two photoshoots planned so far (I know being procrastinating with modeling latelly,but yeah thats me for you) so I shall keep you guys updated about it in the near future Im still building some things for the shoot and need to order in some things off ebay too whenever I gotz moneys,but its pretty interesting shoot conc…

Being away for soo long!!!

Heya guys just a new update as I havent being writing on my blog for about a while now.Ive being swamped with some work that I have left to do for the past few months and they haven't moved up the list at all so I've being following a schedule recently and havent had time to update my blog much,but it was also on the list of to do things.

As far as our Taryn Barker project goes we finally have finished shooting everything for the short movie and at the moment our director Zoe Kavanagh is working on putting it all together :) and at the moment we are in the limbo between shooting the rest as a feature movie or the web series also unfortunatelly our cinematographer(the camera guy) has left the team ,but we were lucky enough having such amazing producer who came up with the replacement already not sure who is the new cinematographer,but heard shes really good.Apart from that we should be screening the short *TARYN BARKER* movie pretty soon on a big screen so anybody in Ireland wil…

My latest artwork

Click on an Image if you want to see a bigger version of it ^^

these fishes was like the last piece of art Ive done last year but somehow it also turned out to be the first big step into my new year full of art.I must admit I started drawing and painting much more now than I did in years.

I was always pretty crap at portraiture drawing it life like so it was one of the goals I set up to acomplish this year so I started researching the subject and see if I could improve on it.I must admit I did improve dramatically on it,but my 60 portrait project went down the drain before the first week was over I guess procrastination is my bigest weakness when setting up certain goals for myself.

Can you tell Im obsessed with asian culture be it anime or the traditional japanese style I LOOOVE ASIAN CULTURE AND ITS AWESOME HISTORY OF FOLKTALES AND LEGENDS!!!I guess Hokusai is one of the artists I can say has influenced me a lot even tho I have nothing simmilar to his art style,but I do love his Japan…

So what are my plans now

So now that the first episode of Taryn Barker is shot there are few things on my mind that Im hoping to get involved in,in the near future before we start shooting more footage for the later episodes.Like I didnt get a weekend off yet and Im always broke and cant afford a holiday so me and Will are going over to Bray for a weekend to visit Glen so we are creating our own little cheap holiday adventure surrounded by friends.Im really looking forward to it to be honest I havent being in Bray or outside of Dublin for few days in a very ling while.Besides my friends always tell me to come over for a visit to crazy places like Kilkenny,Galway and Belfast,but the money situation is always letting me down.

I know my modelling went down the drain with the web series preparations and such so I really want to get back into it so I will be looking for some photographers sometimes soon and will be begging them to shoot me on some crazy ideas.I really want to upgrade my wardrope and get more wigs …

Taryn Barker part 1 ITS A WRAP!!!

(Our little mascot Champ he was such a cutie over the days we spend in our *base* aka Steves house)

So we finally have some-what finished shooting Taryn Barker Episode 1 flashback sequence.It was some crazy 4 days last week from Wednesday to Saturday (21-24 March 2012) basically we were on set for about 12 hours and on some days even more trying to get everything done in a short period of time due to our funding(we just havent got money to shoot more than 4 days),but I must admit we got everything done on time there were few times when we had to change things around or compromise a little or as on Friday we worked from 10 in the morning till 1 in the morning the following day just to get everything done,but Im sure it was worth it in the end.

Have to admit I really enjoyed shooting the first episode as our team was BRILLIANT and I got to meet and work with some fantastic people!!We were more like a family than a crew and everybody did their best and dedicated a lot of their time and ene…

Michelle Phan someone who pushed herself to get far in life and cosplay

Im writing this blog entry simply because I came across this on one of my friends page:

*facepal!* What would people not try to do to make themselves feel good about themselves.In todays day and age one of the things that a lot of people seem to be missing on is Internet etiquet.Like I know its easy to say to somebody "Oh I hate you your this and that" anonymously over the net,but if you wouldnt do it to somebodys face why would you do it at all?

The worlds industry be it modeling or make-up,fashion design,photography not one of the easiest places to get on top of you have to contact a lot of people,spend plenty of money that sometimes you barely have,and create contacts with people its not an easy job and sometimes it does drain you emotionally and physically and not always are we going to make it to the top of the food chain,but even if we do get there it does…

Fundraiser Event for Taryn Barker this friday

To help raise funds towards Taryn Barker, function band extraordinaire *Till Death Do Us Party* will be rocking out some classic tunes in the Mezz this Friday 10th of February.

TICKETS ONLY 5 EURO (once we have enough to pay for the venue the rest is going towards Taryn Barker web series fund)

Doors open 7:30pm and the gig will finish at around 10.20pm

Till Death Do Us Party will be performing covers of classic tunes by artists such as Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Kool & The Gang, Chic, The Sugarhill Gang, Soft Cell, Johnny Cash, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Chuck Berry to name but a few.

How to get to the Mezz:

like Till Death Do Us Party

like Taryn Barker

Whats going on at the moment in my life

Heya guys just dropping by for a quick update.Just letting everybody know Im still alive,well,and quiet busy at the moment.

*TOO MUCH THINGS NEED TO BE DONE*(yet Im spending this time procrastinating)

Just letting you know that a short movie "New World Order date has being moved to March as our CGI artist had a computer problem so he needs some more time to make the movie amazing!" so I will keep yous updated about it.

As for Taryn Barker Web series we still have to cast one more role and we are definatelly starting to shoot it on the 20th of February (its coming so soon!)and so far we got a small sum of money together to keep it rolling for first few episodes untill we get more money and we are just finishing up with getting few things togehter for the first episode like the locations,paperwork etc. plus it will leave us with a week or two to practice the complete script draft for the series.So *fingers crossed* and you might get to see some of the sneak preview of it.At the …

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!

Hope everybody got a good new years today :) And as for updates Ive being up and around the place,but got some updates for you guys.First of all It seems like we are starting to shoot Taryn Barker first episode at the end of February and untill then we are going to sort everything that we need out and auditions,auditions,auditions and as for getting money together its a bit tight at the moment ,but Im helping out our director Zoe Kavanagh with some band videos in next few weeks to come so hopefully we will get a bit extra cash to start off the web series.*fingers crossed*

So I should keep you guys updated about everything so stay tuned