Food Place I adore:10 Thousand Restaurant

10 Thousand Restaurant - Dublin's No. 1 for Japanese Cuisine

Address:Ten Thousand Restaurant
20 Lower Liffey Street
City Centre North

Telephone:01 872 9656

Opening hours:Monday to Sunday: 12-11pm

This place is soo central(being situated across the road from Food Hall) and being soo nice and decent priced to be honest I cannot find any bad thing to say about this restaurant.Im not a fan of seafood,but I do loove my sushi and Asian cuisine and to be honest I consider this place like my personal burger kind because you will pay just few euros more than for a burger meal in burger kind,but you get twice as nice and 10 times nicer food.

As somebody who loves their food,but doesnt have much money to spend when going out dining I find this place a nice get away place or somewhere to stop by when Im in town and feeling hungry it is always affordable and provides you really delicious food that will just make you go *MMM...OISHIII!!!*.

The staff in the place are really nice and always seem to be really happy and helpfull I never had any hassle in the place at all and I did come in there once in a group of around 8 people dressed up varying from goth,metalhead,to satanist looking and we still got greeted with welcome and friendlyness and absolutely enjoyed our dinner.The staff were even so kind as to put 2 tables together to seat all of us at the same table which was a small thing,but it really ment a lot to us.One of the things that a lot of other places in DUblin lack,but this place doesnt is that the staff are always making sure everything is to your liking and that your as comfortable as you can get which I see as a really nice thing because there is no talking about you behind your back going on and they do their job really professionally.

As for the food they do the best Miso soup in town it always makes me drool when I see Miso soup on the menu.It actually makes me want their miso soup right now to be honest while Im writing this its that good.The usual that we order from 10 thousand varies sometimes we feel like eating sushi and sometimes if we are really hungry we go for bento boxes and it makes us amazed every time we order it at how cheap it is and how much food you get.For example you can get sushi (8piece) from 7-12 euros depending on what filling you get them with and they come HUUUGE!!!and the bento boxes are around 9-10 euros and you get miso soup and a bowl of rice with it if you ask me for a 10er thats a value especially if I can never finish my meal and ask my boyfriend to finish it for me.I just see it as a really amazing deal geting soo much food for such a decent price.Also if your ever bringing somebody out you can dine to untill food coma hits you and it wont break your bank :) I really would recoment this place if you are looking for a really yummy place for a really nice price.Oh and you should soo try out their tea you can buy exactly the same green/jasmine tea in asian market which is around the corner from the place and its soo nice Im in love with it because usually when you get green teas theyre really bitter,but the stuff they serve is soo delicate that I can drink it without any sugar while having my meal and it always brings me joy.


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