All I want for x-mass is you

Heya guys I just tought just for a laugh I would do this crazy little thing because its coming to xmass time and everybody is doing it :D so Im just going to blable on about some crazy things as usual :)

1.Have enough money to buy other people some pressies

Im more of the giver type than the reciever so most of the time if I give a present to someone and they get delighted about it it just gives me that fuzzy feeling inside that cannot be replaced by anything else.Its just I love seeing people around me being happy and its one of the best things anybody can give you this xmass.

2.Have Will finally his build from scratch computer up and running

Its being bugging me for the past year to be honest Its just hes not sure what is the matter with it not working and it could be one of 3 parts that will need replacement :( really hope somehow it miraculously pops into his head and he can finally get it up and running because then I get something out of it too I can start building crazy 3d stuff on it :D

3.Replacement Platform New Rocks so I can get rid of my old ones

I really em attached to my New Rocks as theyre my first pair of boots,but dude theyre scarily falling apart infront of my eyes.The only reason why I keep em is because i simply cant afford a new pair and if I were to get rid of them I would really miss having a comfort pair of boots that is easy to get on,makes you 10 feet tall,and is soo comfy that your feet thank you for it.It really sucks I cant wear them out when Im going for a night out in dominion because back soles are really badly gone so I cannot dance in them.And ontop of that Im terrified that some day when Im out walking around they will just desintegrate.Hmmm... this actually reminds me that my lolita shoes are fucked too the heels are pretty badly damaged so I would love to get a comfy and nice pair of heels too.It really doesnt help that I like keeping my shoe collection small,but perfect for any ocassion or outfit.


There are 2 Illamasqua products I really would LOOOVE!!!to get my hands on 1 is their new fragrance called "Freak" just simply because its their first fragrance and it does sounds really exsotic and their Nail Quills that I believe are gone :( they just looked soo amazing and stylish!!!

5.New case for my make up

the one that I have right now really limits me about how much make-up I can store because Im always looking after it being clean and everything fitting in nicely so nothing breaks and I really need to get a new bigge rupgrade.I actually found a place in town that sells a beautifull one for around 80 euros and its just as big to last me for few pretty long years and its also really sturdy and is ment for computer tech heads,but its just perfect to store everything in their own compartments nicely and tidy and of course it has even some place for sterilization equipment and few bottles of moisturiser toner and cleanser as most make up artists if they want to go pro should have it in their kits.

6.Brush roll

Terrisales in town sells a wonderfull fake leather Brush roll with all brushes included and whenever I have money for it theyre out of stock and then they appear around time when Im broke :( I really want to get my hands on it its only 30 euros and it has the most excellent quality brushes that I ever seen being sold in dublin for so cheap I am in need of like fan brush and some wonderfull blending brushes its just I have all the essential brushes and I like to mix brands arounds,but at the same time having few spare brushes always does helps out if your doing a pretty busy job.

So yeah I think thats it I know Im pretty bizarre person thinking about others first and then looking for what will last for the future and make me expand my talents :P

Just hope everybody has a pretty awesome xmass and hope you get some nice pressies and if you get dissapointed with something this xmass just dont get too upset over it hey somebody tried their hardest to please you this year at least they put effort into it :D and *were only human after all!*


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