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Food Place I adore:10 Thousand Restaurant

10 Thousand Restaurant - Dublin's No. 1 for Japanese Cuisine

Address:Ten Thousand Restaurant
20 Lower Liffey Street
City Centre North

Telephone:01 872 9656

Opening hours:Monday to Sunday: 12-11pm

This place is soo central(being situated across the road from Food Hall) and being soo nice and decent priced to be honest I cannot find any bad thing to say about this restaurant.Im not a fan of seafood,but I do loove my sushi and Asian cuisine and to be honest I consider this place like my personal burger kind because you will pay just few euros more than for a burger meal in burger kind,but you get twice as nice and 10 times nicer food.

As somebody who loves their food,but doesnt have much money to spend when going out dining I find this place a nice get away place or somewhere to stop by when Im in town and feeling hungry it is always affordable and provides you really delicious food …

Remember seshtival?

Heya guys Ive being tagged in few pictures from Seshtival :D remember I was talking about painting at it and then the painting was supposed to go for an auction and money given to a charity.Well I dont have much information yet about how paintings are doing so I will keep you updated on it when I know,but Im still sharing the piccys with you guys and will add more once I get more info :)

My graduation(Friday November 25th 2011)

On Friday the 25th of November I graduated from LUDO(Video Games and Interactive entertainment) 1 year course and here are the crazy piccys from the grad :D

Can you spot me in the sea of black?hahaha im sure it wont be that hard :D

Also I was really delighted my daddy and Will could make it there on the day and they were a wonderfull support :D also that weekend was the most amazing weekend in the world I get to visit Ani Borg,Freya,Eeriu and David in the mad house they made it soo wonderfull and homely they even got me a cake saying *congratulations geisha* Im really delighted to have all the wonderfull people in my life thank you soo much for being there for me in the worst and the best of times.

All I want for x-mass is you

Heya guys I just tought just for a laugh I would do this crazy little thing because its coming to xmass time and everybody is doing it :D so Im just going to blable on about some crazy things as usual :)

1.Have enough money to buy other people some pressies

Im more of the giver type than the reciever so most of the time if I give a present to someone and they get delighted about it it just gives me that fuzzy feeling inside that cannot be replaced by anything else.Its just I love seeing people around me being happy and its one of the best things anybody can give you this xmass.

2.Have Will finally his build from scratch computer up and running

Its being bugging me for the past year to be honest Its just hes not sure what is the matter with it not working and it could be one of 3 parts that will need replacement :( really hope somehow it miraculously pops into his head and he can finally get it up and running because then I get something out of it too I can start building crazy 3d stuff on…