Vivienne Westwood Obsession

So yeah about few weeks ago I started watching anime called Nana and now Im obsessed with Vivienne Westwood jevelery (blaime nana).Vivienne Westwood is probably the only high fashion designer that I ever heard of that got her inspiration for her collections from punks and that really did get me interested in her collection aswell as Nana in the anime wearing it :O Im already planning to get my ears pierced again when the earings arrive in the door and the famous Vivienne Westwood lighter replica is also on its way i just couldnt say no to it because Shin looked soo cool in the anime when he was using it and at the same time I dont have 4,000 eurso to spend on the original.Maybe one day I will write a letter to Vivienne and ask her nicely for one of the lighters she might send me one as a gift haha ^^

Original shiny beauty Id love to get my hands on original silver version

one of the things that I hate about Vivienne Westwood collection is the price its RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE sometimes like I know an original will last you longer,but spending 800 dollars on a pair of shoes is out of any middle class persons bank account availability so THANK GOTH FOR EBAY AND REPLICAS!!!I really cant wait for it to arrive in post :P

SHIN !!!!!!

and damn you shin for looking so awesome in the anime


  1. lolol, im obseessed with Vivien now aswell after watching nana. Can you do an updated post with the replicas you bought?....or is it too late now??

  2. sorry for such a late reply but here it is :


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