Last Friday Seshtival

So last Friday I was invited to Paint at Seshtival,by a wonderfull Ani Borg and I had an absolutely amazing weekend starting with Seshtival.The music to be honest wasnt my usual cup of tea,but it surely was an amazing night! Basically Me,Ani,My daddy (fallen demon) and other few girls were painting to the music at the event.It was my first time using tube water colours on canvas too which went surprisingly well and now I want to just Paint,paint,Paint non stop thanks to daddy sharing his paints with me on the day ^^ so once I get some money together I will be buying myself a set of those wonderfull paints and sinking myself into my imagination :D by the way I even got a shot of what i painted on the day.

I wouldnt say Im super proud of my work simply because its me and I always see mainly the faults in my own work,but I think I did all right for a painting that took around 2-3 hours on canvas from the little sketch up idea that I did that morning.I still think others did much better than me as they have more arts experience so I still got few more years to go to get to their standart I just have to practice much more,but it was a nice night to come out and enjoy the night surounded by the people who mean soo much to you and just having a blast :D I really hope that there will be more events like this where we can just come out and have some fun while doing something crazy!!

By the way as far as I know the paintings that we did on the night will be auctioned and the money will go to the charity Im not sure of all the details yet,but I shall keep you guys updated on it :P


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