busy november

Heya guys November is here woo its a really bizzarely busy month!

We are about 1 month away from starting to shoot Taryn Barker series *excited* and before that I have a rockstar month coming up.

Today (or more like tonight) Im going out to Sisters of Mercy gig WOO!! Really excited over it cant wait!

And afterwards Im spending entire weekend staffing at Eirtakon Ireland Biggest Anime Event!I staff at it each year and its soo much fun also I and a really awesome friend of mine Amy might be doing a workshop at it about modelling :D I really hope it happens because it would be so awesome plus me and Amy are partners in crime now :) and would really fill people with information they need to know about world of modeling in Ireland :)

Apart from that there might be some promo shooting for Taryn Barker pretty soon,but Im not giving away anything else and apart from that Aesthetic Perfection and Dimmu Borgir gigs are happening in next few weeks and of course my super awesome graduation :D.So I will be pretty busy busy bunny.

One of my proudest moments tho will be that my boyfriend is DJing at the afterparty of Aesthetic Perfection *SQUEE!* it feels like Im going out with a rockstar :D

so I will keep you guys updated on whats going on oh and sometime next week I will be posting new pictures from another photoshoot that happened about a month ago *sigh!* I know being busy sucks with editing all the material,but Illl get there eventually so do stay TUNED!!!


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