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Something that was supposed to be posted AGES AGO!!

Yeah me being me I just realisd that there wasnt a post of pictures from my 20th birthday which was on (10th October 2011) so here it is nyauu!

Taryn Barker filming moved to february

Heya guys just got some news for you that Taryn Barker series are officially moved to February simply because we need more time to get the money together to make the series as Badass as possible,but we are still going ahead with the shooting and are preparing some awesomeness for December to keep yous still interested in the series :D so stay tuned for more :)

Last Friday Seshtival

So last Friday I was invited to Paint at Seshtival,by a wonderfull Ani Borg and I had an absolutely amazing weekend starting with Seshtival.The music to be honest wasnt my usual cup of tea,but it surely was an amazing night! Basically Me,Ani,My daddy (fallen demon) and other few girls were painting to the music at the event.It was my first time using tube water colours on canvas too which went surprisingly well and now I want to just Paint,paint,Paint non stop thanks to daddy sharing his paints with me on the day ^^ so once I get some money together I will be buying myself a set of those wonderfull paints and sinking myself into my imagination :D by the way I even got a shot of what i painted on the day.

I wouldnt say Im super proud of my work simply because its me and I always see mainly the faults in my own work,but I think I did all right for a painting that took around 2-3 hours on canvas from the little sketch up idea that I did that morning.I still think others did much better t…

Vivienne Westwood Obsession

So yeah about few weeks ago I started watching anime called Nana and now Im obsessed with Vivienne Westwood jevelery (blaime nana).Vivienne Westwood is probably the only high fashion designer that I ever heard of that got her inspiration for her collections from punks and that really did get me interested in her collection aswell as Nana in the anime wearing it :O Im already planning to get my ears pierced again when the earings arrive in the door and the famous Vivienne Westwood lighter replica is also on its way i just couldnt say no to it because Shin looked soo cool in the anime when he was using it and at the same time I dont have 4,000 eurso to spend on the original.Maybe one day I will write a letter to Vivienne and ask her nicely for one of the lighters she might send me one as a gift haha ^^ Original shiny beauty Id love to get my hands on original silver version
one of the things that I hate about Vivienne Westwood collection…

Taryn Barker fundraising

Heya guys Im really excited to announce to you that we are holding a Donnie Darko screening at on the Monday 28th of November at 6 p.m. in Movies@Dundrum to fundraise money for the Taryn Barker series :D

for more info check out facebook event:

(it is an open event,but you have to be logged in to see it )

If you are around Dublin Area really hope to see you on the day it surely will be a brilliant night

also weve got few new Taryn Barker posters:

special thanks to James Spencer our super awesome photographer for all the photos :D

busy november

Heya guys November is here woo its a really bizzarely busy month!

We are about 1 month away from starting to shoot Taryn Barker series *excited* and before that I have a rockstar month coming up.

Today (or more like tonight) Im going out to Sisters of Mercy gig WOO!! Really excited over it cant wait!

And afterwards Im spending entire weekend staffing at Eirtakon Ireland Biggest Anime Event!I staff at it each year and its soo much fun also I and a really awesome friend of mine Amy might be doing a workshop at it about modelling :D I really hope it happens because it would be so awesome plus me and Amy are partners in crime now :) and would really fill people with information they need to know about world of modeling in Ireland :)

Apart from that there might be some promo shooting for Taryn Barker pretty soon,but Im not giving away anything else and apart from that Aesthetic Perfection and Dimmu Borgir gigs are happening in next few weeks and of course my super awesome graduation :D.So I wi…