General Azuzu my chinese dwarf hamster spy

General Azuzu (chinese dwarf) actually has a bit of a story behing why hes called general and he is a bit of a bastard!!!First day when my boyfriend bough me Azuzu as a birthday gift I was really excited about getting him and when he got him for me they told us he was Russian dwarf hamster so we called him comrade Azuzu from the start and when I was playing with him before going to bed I foolishly didnt close his cage properly so I was sobbing for 2 days because I lost him and he was nowhere to be seen so we just told ourselves that hes either gone to war or on a holiday somewhere far away(self comfort).The following morning we got Sammi winter white as we were told in the pet store in hope that Azuzu will smell a new hamster and investigate whats going on.It took him 2 days to appear and when he appeared before us he was more livelier than he was at first and as fast as a ninja (we assume he went to ninja school for 2 days) It took us forever to catch him,but we did catch him in the end thanx to Will my superhero of a boyfriend :),but from doing research about taking care and what to feed dwarf hamsters we found out that Azuzu is an asian dwarf which came as us as a shock but it was pretty obvious when we got our facts right he got a long mice/rat like tail and hes a really good grabber and did twirl around your finger :) so we called him general as he wasnt russian and was at war for some time.I must admit first week we got him back was a bit tought on us We figured out that Azuzu was hiding in a sound buffer all the time so my boyfriend needed to get new sound system for his PC and apart from that to this day Azuzu holds a grudge against my boyfriend for catching him and will either ignore him or will bite him when Will is trying to hold or pet him.It just shows a lot how hamsters are really inteligent and are in some way just like us people.

Sammi Samsung Fox

Sammi or as we call her Samsung short for Sammi (I know it makes no sence,but this is what we call her) she is the most friendliest and liveliest hamsters in the entire universe.From the day one she grew to us she was really friendly and is always asking to come out and play.And she loves everybody who comes to give her cuddles even Silver our loving puppy thats about 12 years old,but still acts like a puppy and reminds me of Blue from an anime called Wolfs Rain.I must admit I do owe one to Sammi for comforting me when azuzu was gone she was there for me and even when it was time for dinner she would come down with us we will put her in a hamster ball and she would be running around the kitchen sniffing all the food.One thing that I find really funny about her is that se is completely oposite to Azuzu she is vegeterian when azuzu would do anything for a piece of cooked chicken yet Azuzu is the skinny one,but recently Sammi put on a bit of weight,but she is still our favourite little fatty and enjoys her life every day.Also she is really an extraordinary hamster she doesnt mind being out during day or night times so if we are in during the day time she will stand on her bck feet looking for us to come over and give her a treatsy or take her out for a play :)


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