Being gone for a bit too long

I know I know Ive being offline on blogspot for a bit too long and Im really sorry about this guys there has being soo much going on and I was soo busy to the point that I havent updated any of my personal pages :(

So Im here now to make up for it and tell you all about whats going on in my life at the moment.


First of all few weeks ago it was my and my boyfriends birthdays (woo go me upgrade v 2.0) so we tought we would go crazy for the weekend and party hard so of course we spend saturday in Dominion,Sunday morning in Tea gardens and sunday night in Carousel(80s/90s and deathrock night held in thomas house on thomas st. every sunday)
so there was a lot of recovery to be done on monday morning it was nice tho being surrounded by a circle of amazing friends and getting few pressies :) *evil grin*

afterwards it seems like I was really dead busy with something to do and at the same time I had 2 more photoshoots during that time from which I havent got time to post pictures up yet (bad bad me),but once theyre up you guys will be notified :) Im actually considering maybe I should do a post on here and post few of the pictures when I get around to it just so it will save you effort to go and poke my page to see them on deviantart.

One of the biggest things tho that happened is that I got 2 lovely hamsters (1 djungarian pure white dwarf and one chinese dwarf) theyre the cutest things in the world!!!!(I will do post about them so I dont bore you in a news update with all the SQUEE!!!

Also got some bad news Rte storyland didnt put us through the first round and to be honest all the entries that got through apart from one were immature and only small population of Dublin would understand their humor or relate to them so this means our series will be filmed on a small budget of 4,000 euros that we are raising at the moment.I was really gutted when one particularly amazing competitor team didnt get in too check out there trailer that I posted below:

I really liked the trailer and was sure they will get through,but nope they didnt get through either,but both of our teams will be still continuing with our projects and I really wish best of luck to these guys as Im waiting to see the show they come up with.

As for Taryn Barker at the moment we are accepting donations from anyone through here: also if you donate money to us there are some priorities check out our fund it page to find out what they are and to watch our trailer :) also if you are on facebook you can be kept updated about how our project is going from this page:
all it takes is just to like this page and check it out from time to time.
Oh and one of the quick updated about Taryn Barker series we are shooting some promo poster material tomorow so there might be more promo coming up on the page soon :)

Apart from that soon enough I will be doing the combat training for the Taryn Barker series and we are planing to start shooting the episodes really soon its just dates arent set up yet and we dont have that much money to shoot on at the moment and there will be plenty of promo and teaser material posted up soon to advertise ourselves even more ;) really hope you support us because we really need more of a fanbase to make our series and movies happen :)

Apart from that at the moment Im dreading about next month Ive got soo much things to do Im going to see Dimmu Borgir,Sisters of Mercy and Aestetic perfection in one single month and em staffing at Eirtakon the Irelands most awesome Anime convention :) which is like a second home to me and besides a really awesome friend of mine Shinji is coming for a visit as hes staffing at Eirtakon too so I will be a busy bunny and on top of that I might have my first fire dancing session this haloween :) Im visiting my new family in Westhmeath for haloween so this will be something :) BEING ADOPTED IS AWESOME!!!!!

So I will keep you all guys updated about everything and if you dont hear for me for a while HAPPY HALOWEEN EVERYONE!!!


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