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Faery shoot from 26th Sept. 2011

OK just as promised here are the piccys of the faery shoot :)


Model and costume: Me

Photographer: Damien James OFarrell
His flicker:

Make-Up Artist:Ruth Hirsch
Her facebook:


General Azuzu my chinese dwarf hamster spy

General Azuzu (chinese dwarf) actually has a bit of a story behing why hes called general and he is a bit of a bastard!!!First day when my boyfriend bough me Azuzu as a birthday gift I was really excited about getting him and when he got him for me they told us he was Russian dwarf hamster so we called him comrade Azuzu from the start and when I was playing with him before going to bed I foolishly didnt close his cage properly so I was sobbing for 2 days because I lost him and he was nowhere to be seen so we just told ourselves that hes either gone to war or on a holiday somewhere far away(self comfort).The following morning we got Sammi winter white as we were told in the pet store in hope that Azuzu will smell a new hamster and investigate whats going on.It took him 2 days to appear and when he appeared before us he was more livelier than he was at first and as fast as a ninja (we assume he went to ninja school for 2 days) It took us forev…

Being gone for a bit too long

I know I know Ive being offline on blogspot for a bit too long and Im really sorry about this guys there has being soo much going on and I was soo busy to the point that I havent updated any of my personal pages :(

So Im here now to make up for it and tell you all about whats going on in my life at the moment.


First of all few weeks ago it was my and my boyfriends birthdays (woo go me upgrade v 2.0) so we tought we would go crazy for the weekend and party hard so of course we spend saturday in Dominion,Sunday morning in Tea gardens and sunday night in Carousel(80s/90s and deathrock night held in thomas house on thomas st. every sunday)
so there was a lot of recovery to be done on monday morning it was nice tho being surrounded by a circle of amazing friends and getting few pressies :) *evil grin*

afterwards it seems like I was really dead busy with something to do and at the same time I had 2 more photoshoots during that time from which I havent got time to post pictures up yet (b…