Shooting the movie and finished trailer

A very talanted girl that I met through my good friend Alan Brown is a film maker and the way I got introduced to her was when I was picking up my dear super awesome friend Cyrus from the airport,I got a text of a friend of mine asking have I ever done some acting before and I said *yes in school and I did drama classes in college why?* so that little conversation got me introduced to Zoe Kavanagh a young Irish Director and sparked a whole week of shinanigans.I met Zoe few months ago in town as we arranged to meet up her and her friend Stephen (the man with the plan) turned up for the meet up to explain what the movie theyre shooting is about and what will my character be like and it was a really cool meet up because I found both of them really creatively awesome and really pleasant people and last week we finally started shooting the movie.The shooting of it will be 3 days in total we went through 2 already the last day will be this tuesday,but yesterday night we worked on a trailer for another project the web serries that Zoe plants to shoot in the near future it will be called *Tarryn Barker* which from hearing the plot from Zoe will be a must watch web serries that hopefully will bloom into a movie :) Im not giving away much because that will be just spoiling the story but it really will be worth the wait,but if your interested I'm posting the link to the already made trailer.It is soo awesome we only shoot it yesterday and Zoe already finished post producting it and when I seen it I really was surprised because I didnt expect it to be soo amazing so hope you enjoy the trailer

It was really an honour working with Zoe's film team on this trailer as she does really has a talent for picking up the best and most hardworking crew members who also have a great sence of humor and do their best.I guess what I really enjoyed about this opportunity was meeting awesome people who arent ego driven but aim at working together as a team to create something as best as they can and at the end Im sure when we finish Zoes movie it will be just as great if not even better than the trailer she did.Im not spoiling what the movie is about,but it will take some time in post production so I will keep you guys updated about it,but wont be giving away much ^^,but prepare for something really craaazyyyy!!!!!

special thanx to everybody on the team that I worked with past few days you guys really are hand picked and to be honest I dont think its possible to put together a better film crew than the one Zoe put together :) really hope we get to work together some time in the future because I really did have a lot of fun on these two projects and kind of em looking forward to tuesday and dreading it because it will be the last day of fun ^^


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