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So yeah I got sick of my old look and completely changed my hair color to jeffree starr pink :) hope you guys like it with new hair there will be more adventures :)

hehehe they say blondes have most fun well when your hair is pink all the world is your playground and you make your own fun :)


It is official Zoe Kavanagh wants me to play Taryn Barker in her web series :) yipee so now at the moment we are trying to get the money together for the webseries to happen as renting out good equipment paying for cgi etc is a lot of money and it is something we dont have at the moment unfortunatelly so if you would like to help us out you can always donate some small sum of money to us on:

Also if you cannot donate any money to us it would be nice if you could do your little share and spread the word around.We have a

youtube page:

facebook page(please like us) :

so please do spread the word and join us on facebook and youtube ^^ because this will be some pretty bad ass web series when its going to be done ;)

Shooting the movie and finished trailer

A very talanted girl that I met through my good friend Alan Brown is a film maker and the way I got introduced to her was when I was picking up my dear super awesome friend Cyrus from the airport,I got a text of a friend of mine asking have I ever done some acting before and I said *yes in school and I did drama classes in college why?* so that little conversation got me introduced to Zoe Kavanagh a young Irish Director and sparked a whole week of shinanigans.I met Zoe few months ago in town as we arranged to meet up her and her friend Stephen (the man with the plan) turned up for the meet up to explain what the movie theyre shooting is about and what will my character be like and it was a really cool meet up because I found both of them really creatively awesome and really pleasant people and last week we finally started shooting the movie.The shooting of it will be 3 days in total we went through 2 already the last day will be this tuesday,but yesterday night we worked on a trailer …