Voltaire and Mister Joe Black (24th July 2011)

Today I went to the super awesome Voltaire and Mister Joe Black gig in Dublin :)and I had the time of my life.As I couldnt wear my freak picnic outfit because of working at Dublin E-Sport Event as security on the day of when freak picnic was on I was able to wear it out tonight and stempunkify it a little :)

It was my first time hearing of Mister Joe Black and I checked his stuff before hand on youtube and to be honest at the start I didnt like it,but when I seen him live on the stage I must admit he is a very talanted guy and if you never heard of his stuff and checked him on the net mark my word you have to see him live to see how really awesome he is.

Mister Joe Black's Website(http://www.misterjoeblack.com/)

Oh by the way at the concert Voltaire was selling a lot of interesting merch as he is not just a talanted musician but an amazing artist too and my boyfriend got few CD's and Voltaire even signed them all and I got a little pressy from my boyfriend he got me a small deady bear:) yupp its not a teddy bear its a deady bear and Voltaire signed the box for me :) yuppeee!!!I feel like such a happy bunny

Voltaire was actually really nice he was too lazy to send the leftover merch back home so he started selling what was left for pretty cheap and everybody were really happy because we were able to get merchandise that is pretty hard to get in Ireland for pretty cheap so everybody were really happy about it and Voltaire and Joe were soo nice that they let us take a picture with them.:)

Last year has being soo crazy I just realized Voltaire and Joe Black are the 7th and the 8th famous world known person I met this year ^^ and they were also really nice people in person both Voltaire and Joe like to joke about each other and have a good joke around with the crowd even if it might involve talking about dead babies :)
In really hope both Joe Black and Voltaire come back again because I would definatelly come and see them again as they showed that they do what they do because theyv'e got passion for it and at the same time even though they're famous they haven't forgotten what it is to be a human and are really down to earth and that's something quiet a few famous people these days are lacking sadly so its nice to know that there are still few very nice friendly artists out there and I will support them every new step they take in the future.


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