Sewing links that I always keep for the rainy days

these are actually 3 links to the projects that im considering doing in the future when im more free the first one I actually got idea for from living dead souls dolls theres one doll in red babydoll pinafore and i really think this would be something very unique comfy and cute to have in your wardrope.

the second link for the high waist skirts i actually dont think i ever seen any beter tutorial at explaining how to make them plus at the end they ave such beautifull looking inspirational designs that im just looking at them and going WANT!!!!!!

as for the 3rd one I was a big fan of sailor moon since emmm... So I can call it my sailor collar obsession from back in the days,but I never got a chance to get something with it so Im really considering on making a sailor collared top or something in the future its just at the moment Im not really sure what exactly i want :)

oh by the way for anyone interested in making anything Lolita ot gothic or victorian is an awesome site if you join their forums they have some posts with databases on lolita tutorials and by database I mean over hundreds of links and they categorizes from skirts to hats to gloves and most of them are really helpfull so If I were you I would actually join their community and get inspired to create something unique that only you will have

oh and leaving the best for the last to make bustle skirts and to be honest it will be more awesomer and cheaper than you will ever be able to buy because there is so much you can do with these skirts to make them look awesome :)


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