People That Inspire Me No.1


Tank 9 has being one of the top inspirational people when it comes to Cyber dancing and someone who I to a certain extend consider my teacher.Since last year I have ebing going to a local goth club called Dominion here in Ireland and before then Cyber dancing was a form of dance you'd only be able to see on the internet especially on youtube and I always admired it as a form of dance/art so I only started recently to cyber dance myself,but Tank 9 was an inspiration from a long time ago it was just all building up in my brain.Being an observing type I always learn from observing people their movements and with Tank 9 its his videos full of life action and rythm that just build me up with new ideas and things to try out.
To this day I have yet not seen anybody better at cyber dancing than Tank 9 and he truly is magnificent and a very talanted person,some people say that a picture is worth 1,000 words well his videos are worth more than a million theyre filled with life and art of movement and it just makes you admire him for what hes doing inspiring all the young dancers out there to dance and never give up,but instead get better at it.


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