Burlesk corsets NOT TRUST!!!

Im a very very unhappy bunny when it comes to Burlesk corsets and all it took was 2 burlesk corsets that seem to have the same issue.About a year ago I got a burlesk pure black satin waist 24 corset from my boyfriend at the time and I was all going yippee because I was always dieing to get one of the proper steel boned corsets as they shape your body really nicely and you can shrink your waist visually for one night :),but within a week the sticking on the front seemed to started going loose Im not sure to this day is it because of the bad stitch work on the front or is it because the metal clip part that closes in the front has a sharp edge that just cuts through the stiching,but within about a week of me geting my burlesk corset I had to hand fix it and stich the entire front of the clip pack in place.Of course when something like this happens to you there is always a tought it could be just that one particular corset that was like that but about a week ago a friend of mine was looking for a place in town that can fix corsets and I told her I could look at her corset and might be able to fix it and it came to shock to me when I found out she had exactly the same brand and style of corset,but she had a pin-stipe cotton on and the corset had the same issue that my corset had.The front stiching around the clip part just was GONE!!!!Just like shown on the picture.

I asked my friend how long did she had it for and apparantly she had it for about a week before it snapped on her,but she did admit that she over wore it for about first week when she got it and got when it snapped on her she got very freaked out.Sometimes you would need to do some minor fixes on the corset,but Im very dissapointed at the quality that the front clips are on the burlesk corsets and would like to warn people if they ever are getting a corset to be carefull at what brand they get.Weirdly enough I got a cheaper corset on ebay few months ago because I went down in size so waist 24 corsets are big on me now so I passed my corset onto one of my very good friends and got a smaller one which is no brand instead its the same style material and shape the only difference would be its smaller in size and it has no brand on it,but at the same time I do look out for things that might need to get fixed on my corset just incase it needs some maintaining done and I still havent found any damage done on it yet.

So if you ever are planning to get a steel boned corset I'm actually not recomending you to go for the *more expensive one* because what I learned from a personal experience is that sometimes you can find a no brand item same as something that's branded and more expensive,but it could turn up being even better,but saying that I have to admit getting a corset to fit you is a bit of a challange so do a lot of research before hand to look at different styles of corsets and hopefully you will be lucky enough and get one that will be perfect for you.Also the best way,but it would be a bit pricey is if you get a corset specially made for you because people who specialize in making custom corsets will have plenty of experience and a corset if its made well will last you for a very long time.


  1. This post saddens me. The place I work at sells this brand and I was planning on buying one or two myself. Granted, They're cheap enough and I know how to fix/sew, but I would have hoped they would last longer than a week.

  2. to be honest I love burlesk corsets for the different designs they have I would really love to get the pinstripe one like the one my friend has *picture above*,but as they dont seem to last I wouldnt go for them and risk it again if your looking for affordable corset at a pretty decent price check out:


    theyve pretty allright selection of designs so you might find something you like.
    I only got 1 corset from them,but would definatelly get another one again in the future and reccomend them to anyone

    they do them steel boned and some bones are both steel and plastic ,but the way they bone them around the lacing at the back is really well done and the one I got looks like the one I had by burlesk and their corsets come with really thick lace at the back that still is in perfect condition and I havent had any problems with it nor needing to do minor repairs yet *fingers crossed for it to stay like this for a long time*.

    Hope the link helps and you get to find a perfect corset for yourself.

  3. I agree with your post. I got a corset from Dark Garden in San Francisco 3 years ago that is still going strong, and has never broken. That corset uses a real busk though. I recently ordered a Burlesk corset and was very disappointed. Hook and eyes on the front! I'm currently in college for fashion design and that is a huge no no. Not only is it a pain in the a** to put on, there is no way it will withstand the strain in the long run.

    Fortunately, I was planning on gutting it anyways for the steel boning and grommets because it is cheaper than buying all the parts.

    The other sad part about Burlesk corsets is that they size based on waist alone. I got an overbust and I wear a 24" corset but have a DD chest, those suckers would not fit in there.

  4. Oh so sorry to hear about your bad experience too Kylee and I do think its really awesome idea that you are planing to scrap it and make your own personalised corset out of it.I actually would really love to see what you come up with in the future :) im sure it will be twice as sturdy and look amazing :) also yes thats the unfortunate part about burlesque corsets they dont put the chest size in the consideration and sometimes people with big breasts try to squeeze it into it and it ends up looking just wrong.
    At least tho its not as bad as some corsets I seen they have Small Medium and Large for sizes and it makes you wonder what they mean by it as you cant put your waist and chest size into small medium or large everybodys body differs.

    really wish you best of luck with your corsed remodification I know you will do a fantastic job on it :D

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  6. omg i have the same problem with my corset and I do not know where to send him to repare is the same brand

    1. Your best bet would be try and hand sew it with thick threat and hope for the best even tho from my personal experience its a matter of time untill the stiching comes off again from tightlacing pressure,but if you have any clothes alteration places near by I'd say they should be able to put a decent enough stitch for you that should last!


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